Alundra - Part 29: A Revelation in Meia

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Now I'm back at the village, and I head...wait, I'm at the portal chamber, I forgot!

So which portal is the closest one back to Inoa?

I take the southern one and I head to the water near Nava's Cabin and get the treasure there: another Gilded Falcon.

I now go back to the village, and wander around there.

There's a lot of chickens flying around here!

I then see Fein in her house, who tells me Lutas is with a girl who came to the village and tells me to watch over him...

Septimus tells me some news: Myra, Nadia's mother, collapsed into shock and a girl claiming to have the same powers as Alundra is also there.

Jess asks me to talk to Kisha since Giles is saying more...strange things. Oh dear...

Gustav's house is locked again...I'm worried about Elene there now...

Kisha tells me to watch out for Giles, saying that he's saying stuff about "Alundra's tragic fate," and that he's become obsessed with Alundra and the gods... ☹️

I go next door, Nestus is very uncomfortable around Kline. Bergus is upset I didn't take him to the beach.

Grandpa Wendell tells me something about Kline, in that while he was out hunting, he ate the bird like it was an orange!

Rumi says a visitor is in the village, the new girl.

Bonaire is still "bummed" at Nadia's passing...

Phineas tells me to be patient with him. Uh-huh...

Lutas, Kline, and Yuri are in front of Nadia's house...

I go to Naomi's, where she says Kline scares her now.

Thyea and Talis mention the new girl in town...

I go back to the front of Nadia's house, where Kline mentions the new girl too.

Lutas says if she hadn't come sooner, Nadia's life would have been saved and he blames us for it...if it were Bonaire instead of Nadia, the result would have been the same, and we still would have been blamed for that loss...

Yuri says the girl's name is Meia and that he hasn't heard that name before.

meia Source for the art

I go into Nadia's house and head upstairs.

Meia, the blond elf girl from the opening, has already destroyed Myra's nightmare. Myra thanks Meia, and snubs Alundra.

Meia: "Never underestimate the strength of evil. A single moment of weakness is all that's needed for evil to prevail. You must prevent yourself from dreaming at all costs..."

Septimus, however, does not take this lightly, and goes up to tell her she's wrong. Septimus lays it in thick by saying Jess created weapons because of how the people that have died left their mark on Jess.

Septimus: "When we create something, we turn a dream into reality. Creation and invention are part of being human, and so is dreaming. If we deny ourselves the right to dream, we deny our own humanity!" This feels so much like a Picard speech.

Septimus has hope, but Meia thinks it's too big a risk!

"Meia the Dreamwalker made quite an impression upon arriving in the village of Inoa. She and Septimus still strongly disagree on how to stop the nightmares...but she is reluctant to speak of anything else."

Septimus thinks she's hiding something.