Alundra - Part 21: Exploration of Mt. Torla

Here's the map for the Ancient Shrine, to show how long and complex this dungeon was.

I try using the sword's charge, it looks pretty impressive.

More exploring of the desert! I encounter a huge shrine-like ruin (not the Ancient Shrine) and get 30 gilders and a Strength Elixyr from chests!

I head out west of the desert, where there are three arches that wouldn't look out of place in Stonehenge. I'm now back at the watermill area.

More exploring!

The new sword's attack power is the same as the flail, but it has a shorter reach.

I wander around Mt. Torla until I head east.

The music in this area sounds so ethereal...

I'm now seeing the whole area, there's a lot of stone heads and steep cliffs!

And three short goblin fellows, with one of them with the tall red hat named Miming, who hails Lord Nirude's name! Who is Nirude?

I go back since there's no way to cross.

I jump down from the ledge with the three arches, where a chest on a cliff has a Life Vessel!!!

I jump off and head into a cavern, or the Underground Waterway. A chest with herbs is inside.

With no way further in, I head back to the village.

Giles has come to greet us with choice words. Because of the villagers dying, he assumes a curse has been brought on because of Alundra's arrival! He calls us an angel of death! A devourer of souls! He tells us to leave!!

marceline what

What is going on here?

Jess does not blame us though, and stands by Alundra. Thank you Jess. 🙂

By the way, for anyone's who been following this liveblog (or this site in general), thank you very much for following along! Since this is my sort-of first time doing a liveblog like this, I hope I don't make it too boring! I thought this game was going to be pretty short, but it turns out this was going to be bigger than I expected! Again, thank you for sticking along. 🙂