Alundra - Part 2: Inoa Village

I now go outside after talking to Jess and trying (and failing!) to open the locked blue chest near him, where I'm greeted by a white haired, red eyed girl named Sybill.


(Image taken from the Alundra wikia page)

Sybill says she knows me from her dreams as the hero that would save Inoa, but she notes I'm shorter than she expected. At least I, or my character, looks pretty.

I explore around the village a bit.

Kisha and Giles are pretty religious people...

Oh no, a grandpa's fallen ill! The family members near his bed are asking for someone named Septimus.

Septimus feels useless, but then spots me (or Alundra) and looks at the mark on my forehead. Blessed and cursed, Alundra is probably the elvish Harry Potter, huh?

So Alundra is a Dreamwalker, and asks me to go to Tarn's Manor east of the village to find a cure for Grandpa Wendell.

I go to Yustel, a fortune teller, and she tells me to go to a "white terror". After saying this, she recovers my health and magic.

I also get money by cutting shrubs around the village, and visit a few houses. One house has a resident that blows up a table when she dozes off! Another guy in a different house calls me a dude and a bro, and dreams of ladies! Oh, Working Designs!

I go back to Jess, and he mentions Tarn's Manor as the abandoned house in the east forest. It was abandoned for ten years and advises me not to go there.

After saving, I leave and visit a house south of Jess, where an herbalist named Naomi runs a shop.

I don't know how the shop system works though...

I finally manage to throw the item I'm supposed to buy on the table and pay for the items. I get a medicinal herb and a tonic, 20 gilders total. I wonder what would've happened if I actually left the shop with the item I was carrying... *thinks about Link's Awakening and shudders*

I now leave for the manor.