Alundra - Part 16: The Desert of Despair

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The sandstorm's pretty strong here! And so's the quicksand trail! I'm also walking very slowly because of the sand!

Uh oh, an orc with an axe and shield comes, but I dodge his hit and take care of business.

After taking care of another orc, I head up to higher ground and jump on top of the stone walls. I walk around the stone walls, crossing carefully around the area.

Those worms that are rising and burrowing aren't sandworms...

I find another chest with 30 gilders on the western part of the desert.

I go back to the higher ground with pillars, and then, two tornadoes take me somewhere!

I turn back to reach another chest near an obelisk in the east, which has a Gilded Falcon.

This is not my favorite level!

I wander around and move westward in the area, until I see a cave! I head in there, jumping down to the sands. I go further down and find a chest containing a Sand Cape!!!

So the Sand Cape allows me to burrow under the sand, huh?

I try it out on the crawl space I saw at the cave's entrance as I burrow down, and it works!

I go back to the place where the two tornadoes were and use the cape, heading west. It takes me back to the entrance again!

I use the cape to reach a chest in the eastern part of the desert, which contains herbs!

I go back to where the tornadoes took me and like what Sybill said, I have to follow the wind, blowing north. Talking about the wind like this reminds of this guy from this anime I watched recently...

kuga the wind

I'm now at a canyon full of rocks and short cliffs. I follow the wind again, which now blows west as I try to make it to the western part of the area.

There's a set of small pillars and the wind's blowing south. If I try to head north though, the wind pushes me back down sometimes. I need to be careful here.

I make it and am now at a place with pillars and a set of steps in the middle, leading to some sparkling ground at the top of the steps.

I go through!

Sybill mentioned that after following the wind, I would be at a Sanctuary. I didn't expect rain though!

The main room has some cacti, a skeleton, a throne, two sets of staircases, and some worms from a distance!

I examine the area. There's lots of locked doors, a switch in the eastern room, and lots of statue busts.

Heading up the stairs, I see a glowing transporter in the middle (a save and recovery point yes!) and save my progress.

Oh my god, this was such a long level to play and a long and difficult one to write about!