Alundra - Part 15: The Cliffs of Madness

Now I'm on the passageway to the desert. I hear some squelching sounds, and it turns out they were from sandworms burrowing in the sands on the other side of the cliff!

I go southwards to find myself at the Cliffs.

Alundra never climbs down, he jumps down! 'Cause he's the Batman Alundra!

I'm now at the bottom of the cliffs, where a sign says "experienced cragsmen only."

I head east to find a shack, where a sign reads, "Lurvy's Smith Shack," promising "armor and weapon repair at low, low prices!" Right.

I go in, with Lurvy pretty excited at a paying customer coming around. Like the sign said, he promises low prices. So I buy a Strength Elixyr (a blue version of the Strength Tonic), and a new Leather Armor that's getting popular with the "neighborhood boys" in-game, according to Lurvy.

There's also a big arch that wouldn't feel out of place at Stonehenge near the shack.

I start my jumping spree on the Cliffs.

There are chests scattered around the Cliffs, where I get a Magic Elixyr, and a Wonder Essence.

I go back down to the base. Near the shack, I see a well. Curious, I jump down, and it's a long drop!

There's a chest in the well containing a Strength Elixyr, which I bought already, so I can't keep it!

I go back to the village and save.

I reclimb the Cliffs again and get more herbs from a chest. I climb, or jump, more higher to get to three more chests containing 30 gilders each!

I jump west over the gap and now I'm in front of a cave where the sign claims that this cave goes to the Desert of Despair. *gulp*

As I climb the steps up to the desert, I notice the cave I'm in has a weird rock formation, where everything looks square, and the stairs look like they're on top of each other...