Alundra - Part 13: Into the Desert of Despair

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Oh boy, oh boy, I'm heading to a desert soon!

I go downstairs to see what Jess is doing. Looks like his clanging means I get something new!

Jess: "Nadia's death...inspired me to make this." Why does everyone that die in the village inspire Jess to make a new weapon?

The weapon is an Iron Flail, yes! I'm betting Nintendo may have gotten the idea for the Ball-and-Chain for Twilight Princess from here.

Jess: "Everytime someone idea for a new weapon pops into my head. I've never been so racked with guilt in my life! I tell you that's no small feat! You know what I'm saying? All I can think is that these weapons are a gift of inspiration from those who have died in this terrible plague!" Poor Jess, and everyone else... :(

Sierra says Sybill wants to see me.

One of the villagers say that the Murgg have destroyed the tree blocking the way to the desert, planning a trap. The mayor thinks Nadia exploded the barricade.

Past!Me: "When are the villagers gonna clean up that fallen tree that's blocking the way to the desert?" I'm now nunning since Nadia unintentionally did the deed.

I equip and swing the flail. It's not a Belmont flail though.

I go out and talk to Kisha. The people, she says, can control their dreams, but they are nightmares now.

Giles is still a devotee, thinking his prayers saved Bonaire, but questions his sister's faith...

Grandpa Wendell talks about a sanctuary in the desert his grandpa mentioned that he wanted to see when he was a kid.

Bonaire now has survivor's guilt... :(

Myra, Nadia's mother, is angry that I didn't save Nadia... :( :(

Kline mentions that Jess is treating Alundra as if he were his own son, no small accomplishment, he says.

Gustav and Elene's house is locked.

I go to Sybill's place for more visions...

Sybill: "You are surrounded by a sea of sand. The great navigator here is the wind. Let yourself be guided by the powerful gusts...If you trust them with insight, you shall arrive at...a sanctuary."

Naomi's now complaining about a shop owned by a guy called Lurvy now getting more business because the tree that blocked the bridge to the desert is now gone. I buy five more herbs from her.

Time to head out!

The flail is slightly more powerful than my small sword! Yes!

I wander around a bit (again!) and I end up in a marsh, getting attacked by mudmen spitting out mud!

I visit the cemetery and read Nadia's stone:

Rest well in eternal sleep.