Alundra - Part 12: Slumber Bummer

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After looking up a strategy guide online to get the chest in the crypt, I head back to the chasm below the arrow conveyor paths, where the fast zombies await.

The platforms start moving after I take care of the zombies. After some trouble trying to sync the platforms since I keep stopping their movements, I grab what's in the chest, a Strength Tonic.

I now make my way outside the crypt. My goodness, that was a long dungeon!

What the...the ground is shaking! Oh, the crypt stone sealed the way back!

I do some exploring around the area before I return to the village.

I wonder what these strange stone arches are for? I know I've seen some of these around the map.

When are the villagers gonna clean up that fallen tree that's blocking the way to the desert?

I fight one of the orcs, which take five hits from my weapon to take care of, and they hurt me a lot!

Oh no, someone's fallen ill, and it's Nadia, who hasn't slept for six days straight, according to Rumi!

She's talking about Bonaire!

Now that Nadia's dozed off, something's exploded!

Myra wants death to greet her, and Olen's house just exploded because Nadia dozed off, no!

Nadia wants to tell Bonaire how she feels about him, or at least for him to smile at her before she sleeps.

I go to get him, along with seven herbs from Naomi.

I go to Jess, and he tells me not just Nadia, but Bonaire has also fallen ill! No wonder why this is called a "Slumber Bummer".

Bonaire, like what Jess said, has also gotten sick, and he keeps calling for someone named Sara.

Looks like it's time for more dreamwalking!

*dream whoosh*

Here's the map for Bonaire's Dream.

Bonaire is dreaming of Sara, some blonde with a black dress, and vanishes with her.

I go straight ahead and slice the orb that a dragon statue is holding, turning the blue blocks invisible.

There's also a teleporter (a symbol, except it's not glowing) there, and I cross it inside another part of the dream.

There's also spiked balls in this dream now! My goodness!

I take another teleporter back and as I'm writing this, I'm greeted by a blue slime beneath the shrubs! I take care of him!

There's also a lever on a ledge. However, as soon as I turn it, revealing another teleporter, it flips back.

I jump down to a lower cliff and push a rock, revealing a ladder from a higher ledge.

I go back and push another rock revealing another ladder, and I climb it, where smaller moving spiked balls are there.

After making it to the top ledge, I jump down after seeing a locked door.

I head east, slicing the dragon statue orb, and making the red blocks invisible.

I jump down from the bridge connecting to the orb, and open a chest, containing a key.

I go to the teleporter that the red block was blocking and I head to a northern ledge, where four blue slimes are waiting for me.

There's also treasure too, which has another key inside.

I open the locked door, and move forward, where on the other side, Bonaire is getting lured in by Sara to the "gates of rapturous paradise." Right...

I step on a switch, pushing a block outside, or vanishing it. I jump from the bridge to the ledge, where the teleporter forward was supposed to be.

I give up and jump down to the lowest ledge in the area, where a glowing teleporter awaits, and step in, and save.

After lots of wandering (for Alundra) and a lot of thinking (for me), I decide to throw a bomb near the lever switch.

It works and I go to the next area, where there's more shrubs and a locked door, and a teleporter.

I take the teleporter back to the same area where the other teleporters took me back to.

I go back and unlock the door forward. Dammit! I needed to turn the blue blocks off to go forward.

After doing that, I head up the steps, where there are two dragon statue orbs, which toggle the blocks based on their color, and a locked door in the middle.

I switch the blue blocks on to get the chest holding the key to open the door.

I move forward, and another chest is there, containing a Life Vessel!!!

As well as a blue block blocking a teleporter to the area where Bonaire was, with a Gilded Falcon in a chest left of me.

Bonaire is moving forward to Sara.

I know where this is going...

Sara sees me, and is pissed! She sends more fast zombies for me to take care of!

Along with big, bouncing spiked balls!

I move forward, where she considers Bonaire, the Waverunner, to be...a fine snack!

marceline what

Oh god, Sara's a cannibal!!

But now she's turned her sights on us, or Alundra, a more "substansial" meal, in her opinion.

She strikes a deal with us to become her "love slave," and later, meal, in exchange for Bonaire's life!

Sara transforms into a flying, potbellied gargoyle, and the fight is on!

She teleports away! This is gonna be a very tricky fight!

I die, but my Wonder Essence saves me!

Her patterns are usually warp, throw three purple fireballs, then appear with copies of her spinning around me, or with her charging towards me, then warp.

Her scream indicates that I got her!

Sara has been "crushed," indeed!

Now Bonaire wakes up, and Sara is still pining for Bonaire as she calls him a jerk, er, a stud.

And she is, in surf speak, bummed, but she now plans on taking Nadia as her last move!

*exit dream whoosh*

I am laughing at this guy's "excellent" speak again, and calls Sara his "betty" that really wasn't his cup of tea. He's also aware of Nadia's attraction to him too.

Unfortunately, Sara did her deed, as Nadia has died in her sleep...dammit!

"Alundra's heroic efforts saved Bonaire...But as dawn came, something was different in the village of Inoa..." :(