Alundra - Part 11: Into the Crypt

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So now, we're back at the crypt!

I go back downstairs to try to find more clues. No luck, just more fast zombies!

I then fiddle around with the switches, and it wasn't until the platform started moving that I understood what one of the plaques meant.

This is what the plaque said: "Left is Left, Right is Right. That truth lifts one through darkest night."

The left switch was supposed to be facing left and the right switch should be facing right. These puzzles can be hard if I don't analyze it right...

I fall down again since I didn't leave the platform while I was writing this down!

Now I'm front of a statue, which says, "May the gods make your path straight and your load light."

A rock appears on the right side of the perch, and platforms on each side appear! I make it to the middle by one of the platforms and press on the switch, exploding a wall, and opening another chamber!

I head to that chamber, which have two skeletons in the front and four pillars with orbs on top surrounding me.

I try hitting one of the pillars. No dice. I start jumping around, and after hitting the orb on top of the pillar, it starts glowing.

There might be a certain order in lighting the orbs. I read the second plaque, and hit the globes: east, west, south, and north.

A wild spectre appears!

He says: "I served Lars the Wise. You are once brave and foolish as once was I. Therefore, I shall test you to the very limit of your existence, young one."

He disappears.

I go further into the eastern passage, where the iron bars blocking the way are now gone!

And I'm locked in!

Blue slimes and fast zombies come to greet me! Wait, did that blue slime spit something out?

I get all of them and cut the shrubs to get more money. The block blocking the way disappears, leaving a staircase going down.

A set of spiked balls drop, opening gaping holes in the floor!

I jump to the other side and read a faded plaque: ""

I go right and jump, falling on the crevices, the "dents" on the floor, opening a way to a chest, containing a key.

I explore and accidentally step on a conveyor with down arrows, "escorting" me to a pit.

Making it back upstairs, I jump over another hole and use the key to open the door in the northern chamber.

The room ahead has three switches, with holes in front, and three blocks behind it. I hit the middle switch, moving the middle block down to the hole of water.

I ignore the rest of the puzzle and move to the passage on the right.

I check the room ahead, and go back where the puzzle has reset. I hit the left and right switches, where their holes contain remains. A passage to the left opens and I proceed.

I push the block on top of remains, and I wait as the platform forward keeps moving.

Is the platform trying to push me down into the gap below on purpose?

I jump down to a cavern with purple slimes. After taking care of them, the way up opens.

After some trial and error, I jump down to the northern part of the cavern where a sign is ahead saying, "The deceased want nothing more than peace and reverence from the living. In return, they will direct the path."

I jump down again, and get the chest containing the Gilded Falcon, and beat the slimes again, and head upstairs.

After some more trial and error, I use the barrel to get to higher parts in the room, and I speak to the statue there.

The conveyor paths I took earlier now point me to the right.

I go back, where the paths "escort" me to a platform that takes me up to a small room where a sign states, "One step forward, two steps back, is the rule of a world turned black. Once with success, advance again. With persistence, you shall win."

I now head into a chamber to the right of the platform, where I'm now locked in!

After hitting one of the pillar's orbs, I find out that this is a timed puzzle. I move forward.

There are now lots of shrubbery and slimes in the next room. I beat them and move forward...back to the pillar chamber again!

I do the same thing, except I head back to the pillar chamber and exit. I go back again and try again and again and again...aaaaaahhhh!

I give up awhile and try to get the chest from the pit below.

I give up on that since it's on a ledge that I can't jump to, and do that endless chamber course again. After reading a guide, I realized I was on the right track, because of the sign I read earlier. Turns out I had to go back to the first room after the second room, do the orb puzzle again, but then go left this time, and go to the right again after beating the slimes.

After that nonsense, I'm now in front of a set of stairs.

Lars greets me, thanking me for responding to his "outcry" and tests me one final time, with a stone golem as a boss! No, you are not welcome, Lars.

This golem can summon boulders at will from the ceiling! They fall in certain patterns too!

After beating the golem and seeing a display of green fireworks, I get a prompt saying, "The Ancient Guardian has been slain!"

I now meet Lars, one of the seven guardians of the land, who guards absolute truth in the universe, and tells me that Alundra (or I) is the one that will destroy Melzas, confirming my thoughts that I have to beat him. Lars explains how it could be done.

He says I need to get all seven Crests, which will shatter a seal to make Melzas vulnerable, which is simple enough. I get three treasures as compensation.

A Magic Seed, a Life Vessel, and an Earth Scroll are my prizes, along with Lars's Crest, the Ruby Crest.

I can now use magic, ho ho ho!

So now I need to get six more Crests to break the seal.

Lars offers me the way back, but I choose to go the long way, as a way of snubbing him, and to get that chest underground.

I perform the Earth magic! Oh my god, that looks kind of awesome!

I try to get the last chest underground, but I think I may need to get something to reach that ledge.

Here's the map for Lars's Crypt.