Alundra - Part 10: Lars's Crypt

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The sky turns dark and a voice calls to us: "Releaser, come near to the resting place of those brave, perished souls..."

I see a stone overlooking the graveyard, as it's glowing a blue light...

The stone moves and I enter its crevice...

It's Lars, the sealed wizard's, crypt!

Here's the music for the crypt. Oddly enough, Lars is called Ra in the Japanese version of the game, probably to invoke the Egyptian sun god Ra.

I go downwards and read a plaque: Those Who Lived Life For Others Shall Be Remembered In This Place

I check out one of the plaques below, which reveals a St. Blue, who says that they "never worship St. Green."

St. Green, the grave next to St. Blue, says, "Brown respects my teachings more than is required."

Wait, is this another puzzle?

I check out the other graves, where White says their "teachings are superior and surpasses all other teachings," Red's teachings are not as great as Blue's, and Brown says Red's teachings set the foundation for Green's.

I go up again and head into a room with a grave and a plaque, where a ghost appears and replies to me that I need to give the saints below "proper respect" in order to open the way forward.

I talk to the saints again.

There is a certain order in which they need to be spoken to. Hoo boy...

I read the notes I made on this blog again to find out which saint gets their respect first, and go through different combinations of saints.

I found out the order: White, Blue, Red, Green, and Brown.

I go back to the "give proper respect" ghost and I get "five blessings from the saints!"

I go back down again and the five saints open the doorway below. Their inscriptions are now blank!

Pretty odd puzzle, and it's gotten me wondering all of the histories these saints have with each other.

I go down to a pit with two more plaques.

I read the first plaque, which says "Here rests Alundra." That's...creepy. After reading the second plaque, which had the same thing as the first one, two zombies and two reapers jump down!

After that fight, where I threw jars at the reapers, sparkles appear on the raised platform, the same ones that restored my health last time. Instead, this one opens a bridge to the other side of the room.

The plaques here have also turned blank!

The chests on the other side contain two herbs.

In the next chamber, more puzzles await! After exploring around, I fall in a hole where a platform, two lever switches, and more zombies await!

These zombies dash super fast, and their cries are sort of screechy! Not gratingly so, but unsettling for me.

I now head back upstairs, where a glowing symbol floor (the same one from the mines) and a chest containing herbs are. A spiked ball in the west chamber drops, and opens a hole in the floor!

I move forward, pressing on a switch opening the gate to the entrance of the chamber.

There were also two more plaques, reading "Left is Left, Right is Right. That truth lifts one thru darkest night," and the other plaque read something about the sun and the shadow that is angry at the sun, or something.

I go back to the hole that the spiked ball made, and use a barrel to jump to a chest containing more herbs.

A smarter way to hit zombies, or any enemy in this game, is to throw stuff at them.

I wander around the room and the basement lake below for awhile.

After all of that trouble, I step on the symbol and save my progress.