Alundra - Part 1: A New Beginning

Since I can't take screenshots on a PS1 game on a PS3, I'll have to liveblog this by text only.

Exciting stuff in the opening here, with some pieces of gameplay of what to expect, though I might have been spoiled at some places now.

I wonder who the girl is though?

I'm at the sea, sailing to unknown lands...

I only have a dagger equipped with me, no money or anything important yet.

The square button instead of the x button is the attack button and the button to talk to other people, but the x button, oddly enough, is for accepting decisions.

After talking to someone returning to their beloved, he says my character's dreams actually led me to sail on this ship to Torla, or to the village of Inoa, according to one of the sailors there. Some of the ship's crew is being judgy and harsh.

I can also pick up and throw stuff with the square button, and jump with x.

I wander around the ship now, and talk to Captain Merrick, he thinks I'm seasick.

I wander some more and I find out the triangle button dashes my character.

Everyone tells me to go back to my cabin, a storm's brewing soon. I go back to my cabin and sleep.

Oh my god! Some person named Lars, a sealed wizard, is calling to my character. Who is he? Why was he locked up?

The music is not playing happy tunes, that's for sure! I also see a village too.

Lars mentions that north of Inoa is a deep, dark lake where some foul beast lies, and my character is called the Releaser by Lars.

Some demonic person in blue with glowing eyes named Melzas taunts Lars, saying humans are beneath him, what?

Lars taunts Melzas back, calling him a coward, afraid of humanity, or the things humanity is capable of.

Melzas vanishes and Lars is also gone too, with a last request that I head for Inoa ASAP.

Now my character wakes up to the ship shaking because of the storm, not good! The door from my cabin's now jammed shut too!

I get out via the broken wall on the other side, and the ship has crashed onto the reefs!

Now I'm ashore, but unconscious, and there's a guy coming!

I wake up in a house, where the guy that saved me is a swordsmith named Jess. His job pays good money and he has decent hours, according to him.

So my character's name is Alundra, and the ship that I was on was the Klark.

Jess pokes fun at himself, and mentions a diary near the bed, a save point.

Now I can wander around the house and I have a heads-up display now.