2019 and Long Hiatuses

Another new year's here, and for this year, I didn't plan any resolutions because I know I probably will not achieve them.

At the moment, I'm still enjoying the new Switch games that I got over the holidays, and the one I pre-ordered over the summer, and they're really good so far...

It's been awhile since I enjoyed playing anything. In my opinion, I consider the liveblogs as a self-imposed job I have to do to keep my writing sharp. I feel like my writing, however, has gotten a bit dull over the past few months. Probably I need to rest before jumping back in.

As for what I'll do on this site in the next two days, I'll be posting my liveblogs for Alundra, Gaia, and Berseria, and updating the episode list to include Voltron's final season. Then, I'll be going away on hiatus until the middle of June or the start of July due to offline business, so there will not be any posts released on this site during that time.

For anyone who's here reading this, thanks for visiting this site! It means a lot!