Tales of Berseria - Part 93: Enter Velvet, the Lord of Calamity

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Ahead, the cage keeping Medissa is also sealed.

To the east is a passage leading to our way out...

Beyond the bars we see Medissa slumped on the floor.

I head up and unlock our getaway first!

Now to light the four candles...

...and the doors open!

Without opening her bandages, Velvet touches a seal! Medissa is the therion.

Rokurou: (to Phi) "Third time's the charm, eh, kid?"

Velvet breaks the seal!

Medissa looks like a nun...

Velvet: "You're Medissa, right?"

She is. She asks who we are.

Velvet: "We're like you. We carry grudges against the Abbey...and the Shepherd Artorius."

Eleanor assures her they're here to free her.

Medissa, though, feels hopeless.

Medissa: "There's no escape [...] No, you don't understand. There's no escape...for you." Wait, what?!

Medissa gets up. So she's still a believer...

Medissa: "If you dare sully the Shepherd's ideals and the light the Abbey shines upon the world..."

She sets her stone-turning gaze on us, and unleashes her snakes!

Medissa: "I will kill you all!"

Eleanor: "Why are you doing this?!"
Velvet: "Rrrgh, she's the Abbey's lackey now!"
Magilou: "Way to jinx it, Rokurou!" We owe him two sodas for that.

Now Sea Serpents come forth! But we take care of them easy!

Oh boy...

Eizen suggests going after Medissa.

Medissa: "Your left hand...don't tell me you're the Calamity."
Eleanor: "Why are you doing this...!? Why fight for the Abbey when they forced you to become a therion?!"
Medissa: "They didn't. I became one of my own free will." What!?

Eleanor brings up her daughter Diana.

Medissa: "Oh, I feel hate. To a world where daemons spawn from people's malevolence!"

So that implies the exorcists know about the malak taboo as well.

Eleanor asks about Medissa's knowledge of malevolence.

Medissa: "I knew what I had to do. Become a therion and devour malevolence so that such a tragedy would never repeat itself."

Medissa now begins to transform...

Medissa: "It matters not what dreadful form my body will take. I will revive Innominat and change this wretched world!"

Three golems rain down!

And the transformation is complete!

Velvet: "Fine, we'll take you by force."

Here we go, the real battle begins!

I make adjustments to the party's equipment before starting...

Medissa: "I'm going to end this! Her death will not be in vain!"
Eleanor: "She's just a grieving mother!"

Exorcists, you manipulative monsters...

The golems are the first to be taken care of!

Rokurou's the first victim of Medissa's stone-turning gaze! Lucky in this game, that doesn't mean they're finished!

Medissa's calling for reinforcements!

And now I'm, or Rokurou's, turned to stone!

Oh my god, we're getting finished here!

I resort to using Velvet this time!

Medissa's also a powerful spellcaster!

We manage to beat her with only Rokurou and Velvet alive!

Velvet: "It's over."
Medissa: "Curse you, Lord of Calamity!"

Aside: (spoilers for Tales of Zestiria) Sebz Mrfgvevn, gur Ybeq bs Pnynzvgl vf gur znva ivyynva bs gung tnzr. Fvapr ure grnpure'f gur svefg Furcureq, Iryirg'f gur svefg Ybeq bs Pnynzvgl!

Medissa: "That's the name of the daemon lord who will bring about the Age of Chaos. The unrepentant embodiment of malevolence whose [...] pursuit of self-gratification will rain destruction upon the world. The irredeemable uncontrollable personification of human sins... an evil like you!"

Looks like Velvet got a promotion. (naq guhf, n yrtraq vf obea!)

Velvet: "Daemon, therion, Lord of Calamity...call me whatever you like. But if I'm this supposed Lord of Daemons, then you're just a minion. Nothing more."