Tales of Berseria - Part 92: Faldies Ruins, Northern Checkpoint

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No Abbey guards in the main entrance now...Rokurou notices too.

Rokurou: "Think it's a good thing or a bad thing?"
Velvet: "I'd say good. We can march straight in!"

The music sounds nice and majestic, while the ruins look vast.

We come across our first enemies here, Malakhim Zombies, and Night Flappers, or white-winged bats!

Roving Spirits are in this area as well...they're really tough since they come in huge waves and can cast so many artes so fast on us!

Velvet points out the monster malakhim on patrol. Eleanor warns us that the exorcists here must be close.

There's also a nor doll in the ruins.

I open a Katz Box which requires 320 spirits to open! We get Angel Wings as a reward!

A new malakhim enemy: Arcane Armor is close! Their whispering is a bit unsetlling...

In another battle with Arcane Armor, I unleash Velvet's second Mystic Arte!!

Through the door into the second area now...

On the west and east corridors here, it seems there's more sealed doors. Now to find the candles to unlock them...

After doing that, I head to the northern door.

Velvet: "Are they all exorcists? Some of them looked like merchants."
Eizen: "There's a town past these ruins; it was probably them. No need for us to approach and cause trouble for ourselves."

Looks like we found our route to the northern town in case we ever go through there.

I turn back and go to the west stairway down...

Skit: Phi points out the gloomy feeling in the Faldies Ruins. Eleanor asks why. There's too many people who have lost their lives here, I bet.

Eizen tells Phi to "trust his feelings."

Eizen: "They often lead you to the truth of things. Besides, what you're feeling would explain a thing or two about these ruins."

Eizen points out that the ruins were intended to have "strength and stability" in mind.

Phi: "They were anticipating volcanic earthquakes. And they expected that someone may turn violent in these passageways."

Phi thinks there's a "passage" leading downwards. I agree. This could be the right place to keep a therion.

Phi: "A prison for the worst criminals...or maybe a battle arena."

Phi assumes there's treasure underneath these halls if it was an arena.

Eizen's wondering about the hidden treasure part now. Velvet tells them to think about that for "another day."

Eizen's still thinking about the treasure.

The Roving Spirits also have a very awful attack, To Heaven, that holds and burns their target! I fell for that attack many times now!

We proceed north, where from a distant cell near a chest we get the second Nor Doll, a red one!

The White Turtlez gives another letter to Eizen. Phi's offered by Eizen to read it. Rokurou takes it and reads it in a funny voice. Oh my god, Rokurou...hee...

Rokurou: "'Your cruelty knows no bounds! You bring deep sadness to a fair maiden's heart with each passing day! Repent, or else, I'll be forced to intervene. This is your final warning!'...and that's it."

Magilou trolls Eizen over the "fair maiden." Eizen's comeback is one of pure fire...ohhhh!

Phi assumes that it's from Eizen's sister. Rokurou thinks "he's onto something."

Eleanor asks Velvet's sure if Eizen's sister wrote these threats...

Eizen insists his sister doesn't write such a letter.

Magilou trolls Eizen again.

Eizen: "Damnation, Magilou!" Then he gets into angry overprotective big brother mode and wants that "lover" to face him!

Phi asks him to go see her if he's so worried.

He only went back to visit her once. Then a crowd affected by malevolence became daemons and went after his sister.

Eleanor sees the nor dolls' unsettling nature as part of their charm.

Into the south hall of cells here, and I find a Saturn Satchel for Phi!

So the east wing is our way forward. We turn back upstairs.

Now downwards and northwards, where I see two chests and a geotree!

One of the chests, a gold chest, has new boots!

There's also a door forward, but it's sealed shut. We'll have to go around this time...

There's also a sealed door here, but it can be opened through those candles again...

I light a stray candle before a stairway up to the west hall. The way to the west stairway going up to the ruins' main floor is blocked by rubble!

And I light another one, which opens another sealed door to a third candle!

I've been trying for the longest time to unleash Eleanor's second Mystic Arte, but no good...

After a few battles, I light the second candle, and the seal on the door's broken!

The exorcist guards are asking about Medissa at this point. They report that "she's calm" since they told her "the truth" for some reason.

Eleanor's in shock.

They're thinking of controlling her, huh?

We face them! They unleash their malakhim, more spellcasters!

The Two-Sword Praetors that we face can also cast spells too.

My god, that was a tough miniboss group!

Our expedition crew's returned with the Eye of Atamoni Statue!

And we get a new skill and costumes!

Magilou looks at the Eye of Atamoni...

Eizen can imagine a floating city using "a larger version" of the stone. But Magilou wonders about the usefulness of having a floating city...

Back to the main story...

Velvet: "So Medissa really is here."
Eleanor: "But...what's this about the 'truth' and 'controlling' her?"

I light up a nearby candle and head to the east hall to light that one.

Down to the depths we go...

We're now in a room with plenty of columns. The door ahead is also a sealed one.

Now to find those candles...

I save before heading into the chamber ahead, knowing we're going to be in for a big fight...