Tales of Berseria - Part 91: Figahl Icecaps Revisited/The Omega Elixir's Third Ingredient

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Eleanor: "The Faldies Ruins are north of Hellawes."
Phi: "The earthpulse point is to the north too. Probably in the very same place."

A citizen tells us the secret entrance is out due to an avalanche.

We find the geotree and use the board in another area to reach the previously unreachable chest, where I find a Gold Scrap!

The shipwreck here now has the code red daemon nearby, the Managarmr!

I save before fighting him.

Looks like Eizen has a Resurrection arte in his skill set!

We return to town, and talk to a fisherman who mentions the history of Hellawes as a fishing town.

Laphicet's like Steven. He's hopeful and he wishes everyone could pitch in together.

Fisherman: "Once money gets involved, people change. That's true no matter what age you live in. The people know it's the ones making the money who lead the charge but we follow anyway."

The Bloodwing next to him proves they can rebuild Hellawes again.

Exiting down the storehouse, we see another ingredient for the Omega Elixir: a Unicorn's Horn!

Magilou gets jumpy again, telling us people lose their powers "if anyone other than a maiden of pure touches" the horn.

Rokurou: "That's pretty. Nobody here fits that description."

Eleanor's offended.

My god, Rokurou, you are so old-fashioned...

Eleanor: "Your view of women is completely messed up." True. Plus, he's hanging out with Velvet. Shouldn't he have changed that mindset a bit at least? He doesn't know that.

Magilou: "Well, personally, I'd liken myself to a maiden who's maxed out her purity stat by her third playthrough." Magilou's breaking the fourth wall again!

Velvet asks Phi to take the unicorn horn. I agree. He asks if she's sure about that. He's the only one who's pure of heart in the crew, I think.

Plus, he wants to make the elixir, Velvet adds.

Eizen tells Phi not to worry about Magilou's maiden tale. He explains where unicorn horns actually come from: a narwhal whale.

Rokurou: "Hah! At least we've established that Magilou wouldn't be able to hold a real unicorn's horn."

The citizens here say the same thing about the blocked road. They're lying. The game devs don't want us going through here because we might get the unicorn horn easily.

The next place the expedition ship's found is a Tales of Destiny ref!

As for us, we sail for Reneed!

We go to Videl! He's found another ingredient, and he tells us more about the Omega Elixir: it was meant to be a cure to the 12 Year Sickness! Oh my god!

Velvet also points out her brother had the 12 Year Sickness!

So Videl has it too...and he's almost turning 12! Oh no...

Phi vows to get the ingredients for the Omega Elixir. But Videl can't make it...Phi's not giving up!

Videl grows envious of Phi, pointing out that Phi's lucky he gets to travel.

Eleanor tries to cheer Phi up.

Phi still wants to help Videl, though, by making the Omega Elixir.

Magilou points out that no one has been cured of the 12 Year Sickness. Eizen thinks that it's a genetic disease.

Magilou thinks it's a curse.

Velvet's brooding over whether her brother had the 12 Year Sickness...

Velvet: "Did [the Shepherd] know that when he decided to sacrifice Laphi? Was there never any hope to save him at all?" ☹️

Now our next instructions are to get a cloud sheep egg, which are in marshes like Galles Lake.

We use an Inoph Bottle to go the Eastern Galles Lake Road, and get the cloud sheep egg.

Rokurou: "I've never seen Laphicet so animated."
Velvet: "He's never really lost anything, so he can still believe in hope."
Rokurou: "That's a dark way of putting it."

Velvet thinks that if Videl passes away, Phi might "change his tune." No, he's probably going to be like Eleanor.

Rokurou asks if she's sure. Velvet thinks everyone she knows is like that.

Rokurou: "Then how do you explain yourself? You've lost."

He smiles.

Rokurou: "You've been hit hard with reality. You don't have any hope for anything. So why do you risk your life with this revenge business?"
Velvet: "Why the hell shouldn't I!? There's no hope waiting for me on the other side of revenge. I know [...] it won't fix anything or bring anyone back. But it's [...] better than sitting around doing nothing." She's pained hearing this question.

If Phi proves Velvet wrong, and Videl does get better...

Rokurou: "And that's probably how Laphicet feels right now too."

Velvet: "I can't let go of my anger and sorrow, and he can't bring himself to stop holding onto hope...this is how far he will go for his friends..."
Rokurou: "You two are both illogical for sure, but, a [...] daemon like me doesn't feel the same need for action."

Where is Videl?

I decide to head to Port Cadnix to get the Nor Doll.

So the Nor Doll's on top of a crate near the weapons merchant.

Eleanor senses something on the Nor Doll which feels, to Rokurou, "calming, yet glamorous."

Magilou: "Like I said, a quiet radiance."

Bienfu thinks he's cuter than the doll. Velvet points out he's creepy for wearing the hat.

But Eleanor senses something "ominous" as well. Phi thinks it's "cute" like a "baby." Eizen recalls his little sister again when she was young. Awww...

Eizen: "I swore to myself I'd always do whatever I could to protect her. Once she got a little older...lots of...things began to happen around us. Wherever we went, she was in danger. Daemons attacked us, a dragon tried to kidnap her. That's when I first realized what it was that I carried..." Oh god...

So that's how he journeyed alone, then he "met Aifread." Aifread explained the nor dolls to Eizen.

Phi decides to collect them all. He "thinks something good will happen" if we collect them. He points out that Eizen shared his backstory a bit more thanks to getting the doll.

From the scout ship we get a Lens and a new recipe, a Garlic Rainbow Nautilus!

Beardsley's even seen the smoke from the raid in Hellawes. Beardsley is hesitating to help their neighboring town since Hellawes "ignored" and belittled Beardsley "for years."

Standing before a tree, the Bloodwing agent rewards us for beating the Managarmr.

Another Katz is there with a new minigame: Coin Collector!

Dyle's father is still asking us if we've seen Dyle...

This is the first time I get a mention of a "Lord of Calamity," from a villager sitting on a bench.

Now off to the Faldies Ruins!