Tales of Berseria - Part 9: The Exorcist Praetor

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An exorcist cometh, and pipe organ music accompanies his arrival! His name is Oscar, and based on his character design, and his voice, he sort of reminds me of Sylaa and Zvxyrb. (names are ciphered, and spoilers for the characters' respective games in the links posted)

So he's an exorcist praetor...oh boy, that means he's really important and really powerful...

Oscar's surprised that Seres is acting of her own free will.

But Oscar senses that Velvet is being guided by someone.

Oscar's respectable towards women...he formally introduces himself.

Oscar: "I am Oscar Dragonia, praetor of the Abbey of the Holy Midgand Empire."

He asks Velvet for her name. No answer. He calls Velvet the "Graceless Daemon" and the fight is on!

He has a Lancer and a Mace Wielder at his side...hmmmm, they also have "Power Links." What are those?

Oscar's weak to martial artes, but strong against fire...

I have Velvet take care of the Mace Wielder first...

But my PS4 controller runs out of power....aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Alright, back again!

Now that Oscar's malakhim minions are taken care of, I adjust Velvet's artes to martial types against Oscar...

We eventually win this round!

But Oscar has one trick up his sleeve: he sacrifices one of his malakhim!

Oscar also recites one of Artorius's maxims: "Control your feelings to control the tide of battle!" It seems like Artorius's teaching methods are now mainstream within the exorcist order...

Velvet mocks him for saying that.

More duelling!

The Lancer malak gets afflicted with daemonblight, and transforms into a dragon!

It blows Oscar and his remaining malak away, and turns to Velvet...

But Seres jumps in front of her and tosses a fireball at the daemon!

No, Seres...she's bleeding...

Seres: "Please...consume me. My form is bound by an oath whose price is my life. The time has come to pay."

She begs Velvet to sacrifice her.