Tales of Berseria - Part 89: Prayers and Blessings

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Laphicet asks Eleanor about exorcists not praying to their malakhim. Eleanor's pondering, asking about oaths.

Laphicet explains what Eizen told him about "prayers and blessings." This is the first time Eleanor's heard of such an idea.

Eleanor: "I used to think the same way as the other exorcists—-malakhim are merely tools that allow us [to cast] artes...but Innominat is different. The exorcists all worship him. They have faith in his mighty power. And [...] the people of this nation pray to the Empyrean for salvation...just as [the Shepherd] instructs them." So only the Shepherd's been getting power now...

Laphicet realizes something too. By keeping other malakhim weak and prayerless, the Shepherd and his bond to Innominat is the only one that gets stronger.

Eizen: "[The Shepherd] founded the Abbey within the existing church...so that he could direct the people's thoughts toward Innominat." Why didn't Eizen tell everyone about prayers and thoughts sooner!?

Eizen: "So that even while they lionize him as their savior, they are made aware of Innominat's presence behind him."

Phi gives most of the facts so far.

Phi: "Everyone starts [worshipping] Innominat...the prayers of the [people] go to him...becoming his power..."
Eleanor: "After the [...] decline of Empyrean worship, he becomes stronger than anyone today could imagine."
Magilou: "The pieces do fit. Oaths, prayers, blessings, daemonblight... so much in this world is affected by matters of the heart."
Eleanor: "We are truly going up against the rest of the entire world, aren't we?" Intimidating, huh?

Phi smiles and tells Eleanor to have faith in him.

Phi: "I'm going to do my best to get stronger, so believe in me. I am a malak, after all."
Eleanor: "Oh, Laphicet... you've become so brave, so quickly." Awww...

Laphicet's blushing. Eleanor points out his cuteness. She walks away, and Velvet asks why Phi's blushing.

Another skit: There's Eizen wearing his famous glasses, reading a letter.

eizen glasses

Phi asks him about the feeling of receiving a letter.

Eizen says "there's no joy in receiving [letters]."

Phi's lonely. He has no people to give or to send letters to.

Then Eleanor comes in and has a letter for Phi. He jumps! It's from Bienfu! It's to make Phi happy. Surprised, Phi thanks him.

Then Bienfu reads his own letter to Phi.

Phi: "Ah, there's the Bienfu we know and love."

Eleanor points out it's just Bienfu talking about himself.

Phi smiles and thanks him anyway.

Outside, we talk to the Peek-a-Bangs pirate, who tells us the fisherman's guild at Hellawes can give us cover as a relief ship.

So they've stocked the ship with supplies for the Hellawes fishing guild: bait, twelve-year -old Amber Draught...they knew about that stuff thanks to Dyle. They're watching him carefully just in case he takes another sip...

The pirate owes Dyle a lot.

Benwick tells us everything's ready.

Dyle, the Prince, and Kamoana see them off. Kamoana comes up to Eleanor, crying. She mentions her nightmare about her mother, who called her "scary"... ☹️

Poor Kamoana... ☹️

Eleanor consoles her.

Kamoana's smart enough to see through Eleanor's "lie."

Kamoana cries more...

Laphicet tries to calm Kamoana down. Even Eleanor's almost on the verge of tears.

Irritated, Velvet goes to her and hugs her.

Kamoana yells out, hating Velvet.

Velvet: "That's right. Let it all out."

Oh god...that scene was too intense to watch...poor, poor Kamoana...

So Kamoana cried herself to sleep. Velvet mentions her brother crying like that on occasion.

Eleanor tells Dyle and Prince Percival to watch over Kamoana.

Prince Percival promises to do what he can.

He complains about it a bit, preferring politicians, but at least he's watching over someone who is honest.

Dyle mentions that a lizard daemon and a prince can't replace a mother...