Tales of Berseria - Part 86: Geoboarding

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A Katz is waiting outside the gates!

She has a big stone monolith, "a nifty piece of stone" laid out before her!

Phi asks what it is.

Bienfu's in shock at the stone! It's a geoboard!

So the geoboard's used to "surf along earthpulses" huh?

Rokurou: "Wait, normin made this? That doesn't exactly inspire confidence."

Bienfu's not happy with that remark.

It's a good getaway vehicle for normin malak and their masters!

Rokurou apologizes for what he said.

Eleanor: "So we can ride this so long as we have Bienfu with us, right?"

"Kind of," says Bienfu. He has to say his normin name to activate the geoboard.

Eizen explains normin names, which are like titles for normin, or in a way, the names show "what normin are good at."

Magilou's excited to hear Bienfu's normin name...

Eleanor asks for Bienfu's normin name. Bienfu's sweating...

Velvet has no patience.

Bienfu: "Normin Breyve." The geoboard activates!

Rokurou's smiling. Eleanor giggles a bit, and Magilou laughs. Some friends...poor Bienfu.

The Katz explains more. The board works "by pushing against earthpulse flows."

But the board needs to know where the earthpulses flow, and to do so, we have to find "geotrees." Yikes...

But once we find it, the geoboard works!

The Katz points to the nearest geotree.

I like this!

The square with a diamond inside map icon is where a geotree is!

I get a tutorial on how to ride a geoboard! This is sort of exciting...

We can also take care of weaker daemons by touching them while riding the board, but to start encounters, we need to use a Dark Bottle.

Skit: Laphicet calls the geoboard "fun to ride." Velvet finds it "handy."

Poor Bienfu...he uses up tons of energy when operating the geoboard!

Magilou: "I believe in you! Be Breyve!" She says, poking a finger in Bienfu's cheek...

The geoboard's a bit tricky to control...