Tales of Berseria - Part 85: Stonebury, Pioneer Settlement

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Rokurou: "Alright, if I were a Bloodwing, where would I be...?"
Eizen: "We'll start at the inn. It only makes sense."

A boy and girl pick blueberries. The girl thinks that chickens will lay purple yolked eggs if they eat them. She's only giving purple eggs for tourists from the capital, hoping the village will be famous.

Purple omelets...heh. I'll eat any omelet as long as there's no pickles or eggplant.

She then tells him to go get jewel beetles for the chickens.

Velvet: "What a carefree village."
Rokurou: "But y'know, this is what really makes humanity amazing to me. Attempting the impossible, reaching for the stars, just as a matter of course."
Eizen: "Aye...though we may stumble countless times our way, we can achieve anything we put our minds to."
Velvet: "Attempting the impossible, huh?"

Magilou steps in, grossed out at the though of purple eggs. Hee...

From a villager, the largest building in the village is the tavern and inn. She mentions the owner worked as a wine keeper for a rich family.

Everyone's looking at the marsh, or the spring here. But it took work to find the spring, which came from an "underground stream."

A couple of kids are sitting on a stump...it's a stump fort.

Near the foot of the stump, I free another Katz!

An old man sitting on a bench is thinking of making wine because of the water here.

Eleanor thinks it's not possible for wine since what's cultivated here are berries. Rokurou, being the alcohol buff, thinks the humidity and cold temperature is ideal for Amber Draughts.

Eizen thinks a rice wine would also be suitable.

The old man wants a wine better than the "Sleeping Princess," a big feat to beat.

The old man explains how Sleeping Princess is made...

Rokurou calls the process "solar fermenting."

The old man finds a gemstone to use as a natural filter to rival that of the Sleeping Princess. He tested the moisture absorbing rock, and drank the results. He calls it "Pureland Wine."

It took the man ten years to make a "thimbleful." And it will take fifty for a better version!?

Rokurou: "Fifty years....meet you back here then?"
Eizen: "I've never been so glad not to be human."

Old Brewer: "A fifty-year dream, a moment of glory, a cup of spirits."

Oh, Eizen and Rokurou. You guys and your wine...

The man next to him mentions Thorny Forest, and he mentions Sleeping Princess again. The second drinks very valuable.

A woman picking berries tells us all the berries (raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries) growing in Stonebury. The village has a fairy tale about berries becoming stones!

Laphicet asks if the town's name came from that tale. Yes.

Laphicet's awed by the idea of "berry-flavored gels..." Raspberry gels are still in the making though...

Rokurou asks about the veggies in the field. The woman mentions them as "a rare species of wild [red] potato." Radishbells...they're poisonous though!

Rokurou really wants to try one. The woman warns him that the skin and sprouts are poisonous, and tells him it's "poisonville" if one doesn't take out the poisonous parts properly. Without the poison, they're sweet and good with butter.

But the non-poisonous parts of the radishbell is very small compared to the rest of the flesh...the farmers are growing them to have little poison as possible.

The woman farmer also says something that sums up the whole village's drive: "Daemons are frightening, but we can't let that fear control our lives."

Around the corner of the caravan is another Character Card Duelist: the eldest daughter Shinobu!

We play a few rounds...

Then I do some business at the weapon shop.

Stonebury's got a bright future ahead of it, says an apprentice craftsman. But the place still needs more hands to build the village. He needs something to attract people. He mentions the radishbell again.

Magilou suggests "ringing a bell."

The craftsman thinks a bell tower's a great idea, calling it the Stonebury Stonebelfry! But a bell made out of stone won't ring, says Velvet.

His grumpy teacher's advice rings in his ears again. But it doesn't stop the apprentice.

A Bloodwing agent's laying back on a tree. We get our rewards for fighting the King Peacock!

I save before continuing on.

A man tells a story about an enormous monster he saw while running home from the rain!

Eizen thinks it's a daemon.

He continues, saying exorcists were trying to fight the daemon. But they were no match for it. But the daemon had "horns and a tail."

This daemon got three exorcists!

Then he mentions another person, who faced the daemon and commanded it to "stop."

Eizen knows it's Zaveid and his wyvern...

The man mentions "an old dragon cult called Tintagel."

There's Stonebury's little bell...

We head for the inn, where we see...Zaveid!

Zaveid: "Well hello, sailor."

Eizen looks at him.

Laphicet approaches Zaveid and asks if "he's waiting for someone."

Zaveid: "Nope. Just sayin' a prayer for someone." The wyvern...

Eizen turns to leave. Zaveid gives Phi a smile.

Velvet calls Phi.

Laphicet asks about Zaveid.

Eizen points out he has a cup of Thorny Forest with ice! It symbolizes an upcoming marriage, according to Magilou.

Rokurou wants to have a sip of that "someday..."

Laphicet points out why Eizen left Zaveid alone. Eizen tells him not to "read too much into it."

A woman comes to Velvet and bows. She's the witness of the dragon daemon.

So the "flying snake dragon daemon" makes its nest at the mountain summit.

The woman mentions that the dragon goes back on "rainy days."

A storm's coming...

Magilou: "Aww, just look at what you went and made the weather gods do! This doesn't bode well. Not at ALL."
Velvet: "Thanks. We'll give it another shot."

The citizens don't stop working, even when it's raining!

The expedition crew find Albane, which its description mentions where the origin location of Rokurou's family's fighting style, and probably, their clan, came from!

The Bloodwing agent tells rumors that the dragon daemon might be the cause of the rains in Aldina...

Someone mentions the town's nearby forest, called the Volgran Forest.