Tales of Berseria - Part 83: Aldina Plains, Land of Vitality

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Eleanor's now adjusting to Laphicet's powers.

Laphicet's relieved, worried she might pass out again.

Eleanor and Laphicet are really becoming good friends.

Velvet's in the corner, feeling left out. Phi notices. So does Magilou, and asks Phi about the true name Eleanor gave him.

Velvet has the same question I have too: What is a true name? I think Magilou mentioned this when she was tethering Bienfu to her.

Magilou explains a "true name" is the part of the malak-human pactmaking process. She mentions calling Bienfu Fuschie Cass as his true name, which means "Thing." Fur fbhaqf n ovg yvxr Yhxr jura fur fnvq gung jbeq. She calls it "her way of showing affection."

Velvet asks Phi about his true name. Phi blushes and sweats. She's now suspicious about what name Eleanor gave him...Laphicet's not telling and runs off!

Eizen explains the importance of a malak's true name. It's very important.

Eizen: "Speaking a true name to anyone other than our pact keeper carries a special meaning. Between comrades, it means we trust them with our lives."

Magilou butts in again, calling someone by their true name "a confession of love!"

Velvet blushes, facepalming at the thought.

We get a Jacketless Outfit for Laphicet!

I equip the Featherlight Steps for Velvet, knowing from its benefits I can unleash a Mystic Arte quicker when she's wearing these!

Two Bloodwing soldiers flank the way to the plains...

A dust storm's kicking in...and...is that a dragon flying above!?

But he's gone. Magilou thinks it's the daemon we're supposed to hunt.

Rokurou wonders if it's a therion.

Laphicet sensed another earthpulse point! It's on the top of the flat-topped mountain before the crew!

The full name of the place is Aldina Plains, Land of Vitality.

It's pretty vast...

We face a lot of Hornets and Fairies in this area!

With the fog around, it looks like we're somewhere that wouldn't be too out of place in Skyrim, except the place is more green and vast.

I also face a trio of Aged Treants!

Blocking the path to Galles Lake Road, I see a huge flying daemon!

We're now at the eastern part of Galles Lake Road...I explore there a bit.

Back to the plains, where I get another new item, a Soul Bottle in a chest near huge boulders!

Expedition check: We get a new recipe: a Zesty Dream Herring Marinade!

We've now got 20 recipes! 10 more to go!

In the next area of the plains, and the only way open is the nearest one. The east and south ways are closed off...and there's a code red in an open meadow southeast of this area.

We get a Therapy Cat after freeing a nearby Katz!

So the big daemon flying around the way to the Lake Road is a Wyvern, huh?

Since we're dealing with dragons, I have Eizen equip a Mobius Loop as his weapon!

After one battle, Laphicet's awed by both Eizen and Rokurou. Both tell Laphicet not to be like the other...hee...

The east route's barred off since we need to be going to the earthpulse point.

I switch Eizen for Magilou.

Magilou: "Awww, can't a witch get a little downtime?"

I'm near the place where the code red daemon is! It's a King Peacock! Look at those feathers! They're huge!

I look for more treasures here first.

Next stop: The mountain.

After a while, we get another treasure from the scouting ship: a pair of Moon and Star Earrings! Eleanor likes them...Phi points out they're earrings that make ones dream their best dreams. Laphicet would offer these to someone who's got nightmares.

Laphicet: "I can feel the earthpulse right now. It's up above."
Rokurou: "Looks like we're in for some mountain climbing then."

Up the vines we climb...

There's a save point nearby and another treasure around the corner: Feldspar Boots!

I save before trekking up the mountain.