Tales of Berseria - Part 81: Third Trip To Midgand and Some Sidetracking

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We tell Benwick we're heading out. He warns us beforehand not to read Eizen's letters.

I make a few stops before heading to the capital, making sure I haven't missed anything so far...

But nothing so far, so I head back to rest at the hideout once more.

Skit: Laphicet looks at his beetle. He still doesn't know if the beetle's a stag or a rhino beetle. Laphicet has a good point to make here. Whatever species he calls the beetle is going to be very serious, knowing Eizen and Rokurou.

Magilou suggests taking out the beetle's horns. That's very cruel.

Here we go again...

Bienfu found a guide. Hope this is going to solve that debate...

Eleanor reveals the beetle to be...

*Cue internal drumroll*

...a thickjaw beetle, or a drone beetle!

Then Laphicet is the one that tells Eleanor she's wrong. Now Laphicet decides that the beetle's called the "Laphicet rhinostagros!"

Well, that's that!

Now off to Port Zekson!

A Bloodwing porter's off to see us, delivering a message from Tabatha.

Porter: "Says there's some sorta nasty daemon running around in the Aldina Plains...east of Loegres. She thought it might be the one you're looking for..." Oooh...

Magilou points out the highway there was closed down. It's reopened.

He tells us that beyond the plains is Stonebury, and tells us a Bloodwing that saw the daemon.

So our next stop is Stonebury.

Laphicet mentions that's where he sensed something. Eizen interrupts.

So Eizen cut him off so the Bloodwings wouldn't know any more info we have...

Hmmm, I thought Laphicet was going to mention a domain, not an earthpulse point.

Laphicet gets more info about how the underworld operates. They're not friends nor enemies...

Eleanor asks why not trust them? Eizen knew that the messenger was expecting us. To him, it could be a trap.

Velvet points out the Bloodwings' quickness on picking up their intel.

Eizen tells us the usual 'we have to be one step ahead of them' spiel.

Velvet: "We've got each others back, as long as we hold a knife up our sleeve. That's what counts as 'trust' in the underworld."

Laphicet points out at least "Tabatha's cooking's tasty." True.

Skit: It's everyone's first trip to east of Midgand. Rokurou wonders why the road was closed.

Eleanor explains that there was a tornado there...

Global cooling in the world of Desolation is real.

Laphicet wonders what the east of Midgand looks like...Bienfu mentions the beautiful forest flora and fauna. Plus, the village is quiet.

Bienfu knows about east Midgand since his lover lived there. Magilou points it out, and teases Bienfu again about his love life.

The docksman, in return for the high fees, promises a free supply of ship wax for the Van Valvali...

A citizen points out something happens everytime the Van Valvali debarks at the port.

Two new code reds await: a King Peacock, and a Dryad!

Inside the inn, we play a new minigame: Mug Match!

Before I do, I pay 1000 Tales Coins to get an Exorcist Uniform for Eleanor!

This minigame's a bit tricky, but I get the hang of it quickly!

We talk to a man on the bench who says that the Shepherd and the exorcists have sorted out the messes the crew made and are after them.

Magilou indirectly points out Velvet's hatred of the Shepherd (she doesn't mention her by name), and calls Velvet a name again. Velvet doesn't take that too well...

We talk to a professional couple outside, mentioning Stonebury's open and everyone there's okay. They mention their relief at their apprentice still okay. So the man's the architect for the royal family and the Abbey, huh?

Laphicet's curious about why the apprentice went to Stonebury. The architect's rather grumpy...and his wife is the translator of his grumpiness. She tells us to visit the apprentice in Stonebury. She apologizes for her husband's behavior.

Laphicet: "Don't worry about it. I'm used to people like that."
Velvet: "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?"

The architect does have some sage advice about trying something: "Go out there and do it." The wife asks why he doesn't try saying that to his apprentice.

Princessia sales are booming, since a lot of people have lost their loved ones... ☹️

The guard reminds us to be careful in the Aldina Plains, noting the climate there.

We go to the capital instead.

A Bloodwing guard tells us about Stonebury’s history. They used to worship dragons there...hmmm...then the Opening happened...

From another guard in the town square, it seems the Abbey is planning something. Oh, dear...

The sky's turning foggy. Is it because we let Griffin out of his cage?

I decide to do the waiting tables minigame, since after reading the guide, I think I might get new costumes for everyone...

Only Laphicet gets to be a waiter.

I do one round, but I get no costume.

After doing three rounds, I get Laphicet Serving Clothes! Along with a Bow Tie!

It looks like Velvet's next on the roster.

Success! I get Velvet's waiting outfit, and a Ribbon!

Rokurou's next to wait tables.

There's also another Mug Match minigame here too...

Since my controller's almost out of power, I leave and save at the square.

Tbh, my hands were shaking when I played this minigame...