Tales of Berseria - Part 8: Escape

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Let's get out of this island prison!

An actual save point was just straight ahead of where I left off!

Now there's two ways to go...but where is the way to the ship?

After saving at the point, we head west where we see a glowing, flaming, floating ball. Seres says it's a "special mass of mana," or the "souls of the family of malakhim."

So if we collect a certain number of these masses, we might get a malak family to help us...

Velvet still doesn't trust Seres. She takes it anyway, using anything and everything for her revenge. For some reason, she reacts as Seles says "revenge."

Turning around, the east corridor is locked...

After saving again, I equip the Resist Ring for Velvet before moving forward.

More stairs to climb...

Seres: "Guards coming. Two of them."

Velvet and Seres hide.

The guards note that the path around the island has gotten weak and might collapse. No escape now.

But there's another path to the docks, under the watchtower...

A third guard hurries to alert the others that guards are missing.

Now the real challenge begins! The guards split up!

Velvet's now thinking of freeing other prisoners in order to combat the guards. Most of the prisoners are on the floor they're at.

We try the west path. Can't go that way...

On the east, all the doors are locked save for one.

There's now two more guards: a Spear Orderly and a bigger Prison Guard!

We do an enemy switching tutorial.

We take care of them, but now there's three cells...Velvet inspects each passage. Most of them are daemons, others are human.

Velvet calls to everyone that she's opening every cell! Oh my god!

The prisoners' reactions range from disbelief to doubt.

One of them mentions a Van Aifread (another Tales reference!) who broke out of Titania, with help from Melchior, an exorcist.

Velvet tells them that she's not forcing them to leave. The prisoners decide to go with her.

Seres opens the seals!

Now the prisoners are out, as distraction for the guards.

Two prisoners are trying to debate whether to stay or go.

There's even an imprisoned zombie sitting in his cell...

Two daemon prisoners and a human prisoner aren't falling for the escape...

There’s even a goblin sitting in his cell, telling us not to underestimate exorcists.

Velvet asks him more about the "amazing" Abbey. The goblin mentions the Abbey's teamed up with Midgand, where they now own the whole world. He continues by saying that any human that becomes a daemon is hunted.

Anyone who got into Titania were "the lucky ones."

And even if we did manage to escape, the exorcists with their malakhim sidekicks are waiting at the exit... oh god...

The goblin feels pretty defeatist at this point, though he wishes he had a ride out.

We leave the cells...

???: "Dear me, not a word of apology?"

Theres a woman dressed up like a witch, in the colors of Grrcb (ciphered name here to prevent spoilers from another game): pink, purple, and black. She got tossed into Titania too, huh?

Seres asks her who she is: she calls herself a "wise sorceress who travels the eleven seas, who scoffs at the might of dragons..."

Her name is very long, but she calls herself Magilou.

Velvet has no time for this.

Magilou, pronounced like "soggy stew..."

Seres tells Velvet to be cautious in the prison, and to trust nobody. Magilou has no malakhim, she's only an "ordinary magician" to Velvet.

We check the other cells.

One werewolf mentioned a friend who got dragged down below, to meet with Velvet's hand, I think. Velvet says she doesn't remember that moment.

Across the cell from the werewolf, we get a Life Bottle from a chest, our first one!

Theres a zombie and a werewolf in a hall, the zombie wants to attack the guards, but the zombie's slow...and the werewolf's like "yeah, sure."

One prisoner is still trying to decide whether to stay or go too, and he really wants to see his daughter again...

South door, which is just barracks. I find Sage in a vase.

Now to head up...

We pick up a Void Ring!

And there's another save point!

Climbing more stairs, we see an exorcist guard get KO'd!

Oh, there he is!!!

Seres: "This one, he's a daemon!"

The swordsman pulls out his daggers! The fight begins!

Swordsman: "You're not human."
Velvet: "Neither are you."
Swordsman: "True enough."

Velvet points out that this guy's strong.

The swordsman wishes he had Stormhowl...

Wait a moment, so the sword that Velvet found earlier belongs to him...

He drops his daggers, runs to Velvet, and asks her where she found Stormhowl. Velvet tells him where it is. He thanks her and goes off to find it!

Velvet: "He's an odd daemon."

I like him.

We get Sharpshooter's Ventite, and some pointers on how to use the ventite: it uses charge abilities or something.

Seres somehow knows him, since he knows Stormhowl.

Seres: "The prisoners here are all so unusual." First there's Magilou, and now that swordsman, and she accidentally insults Velvet...

We open the west door. Yikes!

We turn to the east, and climb more stairs...

The way to the docks is out, the hall there covered in piles of bodies...

We do battle with a duo of Orcs!

After saving again, we head up to the watchtower...

More guards come!

It looks like the prisoners are not going to make it...

We climb the ladders up to the roof...

It's raining.

Velvet looks at the long drop below...the pathway is gone.

But Velvet has other ideas. She pulls out her daemon arm. Seres is shocked to see the stunt Velvet's about to pull.

She jumps!

Oh my god! Velvet makes it, but a bit injured...

Seres realizes she's determined to have her revenge against Artorius. She vanishes and reappears by Velvet's side, healing her.

Seres explains an "oath," where the oath taker binds to a malak, with certain conditions. Because of that, Velvet calls an oath a sort of curse.

Velvet: "Well, guess what? You're the ones that did this to me."

Seres is aware.

We pick up some Verbena and save...

Now we're heading to the front. Seres asks Velvet if she's sure that they're exiting through there. She is, since she thinks that the guards have already found Seres's ship at this point.