Tales of Berseria - Part 78: Sensing More Earthpulses

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A pirate's trying to make sure his anthem sticks. Velvet tells him to let that go.

Kurogane and Dyle mention the two docks.

I head to the south entrance of the hideout, and check out the inn, which is just a storage place with beds.

I also find our first Arcane Bottle in a chest there!

Outside at the south dock, nothing to see here...

I check out the prison cells for any new treasures.

We go down to the depths...

Magilou's sitting down on one of the steps there...

Laphicet pulls out his compass.

He explains about the earthpulse points.

Eizen points out Laphicet's intuition in sensing earthpulse points.

Laphicet then infers that he might find other points using the earthpulse point in the cell. But he's not sure if they'll find a therion in the other earthpulse points.

Velvet asks him to try.

A light shines around Laphicet.

The same senses happen...

He sensed a lot of earthpulse points, along with bigger ones.

Laphicet tells us the cell is "one of the big ones," and points to two others east and southeast, which are Warg Forest and Palamedes.

This means therions could be found at "larger" points.

Eleanor points out we have three therions left to find! I count the ones we have so far: the beetle, Kamoana, Griffin, and Velvet.

Rokurou's a good motivator to Laphicet. Magilou exaggerates by calling him "one of the wonders of the world." Oh, Magilou.

Eleanor: "Then let's go therion-hunting! We have an honest to goodness lead!"
Magilou: "Or dishonest to badness in our case..."

Back at the entrance where Dyle, Kamoana, and Kurogane are...

Kurogane's still having a hard time trying to forge his ultimate weapon.

Dyle thinks it's his armor that's too tough.

Kurogane uses his armor to test his sword's sharpness.

Orichalcum's his next move.

Laphicet points out it's "the strongest metal in the world." And rare, according to Eizen.

Kurogane mentions he found orichalcum in an "ancient ruin some two hundred years ago." But it sank with the ship carrying it.

Rokurou: "From the depths of the earth to the depths of the sea..."

Dyle's getting interested...

But it's a fruitless mission to find it.

Kamoana: "Even Dyle's getting angry!" Hee...

Kamoana laughs so joyfully for the first time in ages...

Velvet asks where the largest earthpulse point that's not Warg or Palamedes is. It's out west.

I survey around Titania to talk to everyone else. Kurogane and Dyle first.

A skit between Kurogane and Dyle takes place.

Dyle complains about all of the expeditions he has to make. Poor Dyle. Kurogane thinks it's because he's trustworthy. But, the crew never sends Kurogane on missions...it's because he's forging weapons, and fixing stuff.

There they go again...

Dyle and Kurogane then complain about all the work they do together.

Kurogane points out that he doesn't have a face. Dyle meant that as an expression. Then they argue yet again, with Kurogane making a "tail between legs" expression. Dyle doesn't have a tail. Hee, these two.

I rest twice at the prison futons in the room near the south entrance.

First skit: Laphicet's reading another book, about surveying. He's so happy...I can't believe this is the same malak that used to have no free will and was enslaved by Teresa!

laphicet reading

Eizen feels what he feels. That feeling of exploration with treasure as "a bonus on the side."

Rokurou asks Laphicet about the world map that he dropped when they met. It was only the areas that were Abbey-approved. He only saw the places he could get to on foot.

Eizen's line here could fit as an inspirational quote: "Adventures are about achieving your ambitions and leaping across the walls we've built to protect ourselves, no matter what danger that waits on the other side. There are no big or small adventures."

Laphicet asks about his own trips out of Hellawes and Figahl Icecaps to Eizen to see if they were adventures.

Eizen asks Laphicet how he felt when he snuck out of the Abbey: "Scary, but fun."

Eizen: "Then it was an adventure. The map you made within yourself is a treasure that's only yours."

Second skit: Laphicet reads another book.

Velvet complains about that. Oh, Velvet.

Eizen: "Knowledge opens up bigger worlds." My goodness, Eizen's filled with quotable sayings.

For Laphicet, reading was an escape from living under Teresa's control.

Dyle joins in the skit too!

Laphicet mentions the book he's reading: about dinosaurs. Velvet finds them similar to dragons.

Laphicet's in awe at the dinosaurs.

Rokurou considers them to be "great sparring partners!" He points out the gigantospinosaurus, or the "dual-bladed dragon."

Rokurou's smiling now that he's found his dinosaur opponent. Go fight Lloyd, Rokurou.

Dyle thinks the dinosaurs are his "ancestors." As Rokurou points out, though, Dyle was once human. Hee...

I save and stop here for tonight.