Tales of Berseria - Part 76: Exploring the New Hideout

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Now to explore the hideout...Eleanor's not at the docks.

Here's the music that plays in the hideout.

Kurogane and Rokurou enjoying themselves to drinks again. Sigh...

Oh Rokurou, you drunk guy, you...

He's mentioning all of the not-very-good stuff that we did so far. He wonders all of the charges they'd be faced with if they were caught.

Velvet don't care. It's either you're with her or not. Rokurou's staying for the whole ride.

Velvet: "You really just want to beat Shigure, don't you?" Mm-hmm.

Rokurou offers her a drink. She's still underage. "[She's] 19."

Lol. Of all the devastating things (razing a port, trying to assassinate people, and eating prisoners) she's done so far, yet she's not taking a drink...good for you, Velvet. Don't say yes to that automatically even if you turn legal age.

The pirates are relieved that they don't have to maintain the Van Eltia everytime and they have solid ground to sleep on...

Grim and Laphicet are still interpreting the book...

Another nod to another Tales game jvgu "Ybavxlyr" naq "zvqevss."

Aside: Xlyr naq Ybav ner gjb znva punenpgref sebz Gnyrf bs Qrfgval VV, jvgu gur sbezre znva punenpgre snzbhf sbe uvf jneqebor nf orvat n zvqevss.

Another reference to Gnyrf bs Kvyyvn jvgu "Zhmrgzvyyn." Cerfrag!zr ahaf ng guvf ersrerapr.

Velvet asks Laphicet where Eleanor is. She tells him to find more light to read the book. Even as a therion, she still looks out for other people's well being.

Aside: For some reason, I'm starting to imagine Velvet as the Red Paladin. She fits qualities meant for that job: she thinks fast on her feet, and she's driven...

Grim's still complaining about being dragged out of Southgand, but she likes Laphicet's passion for learning.

I talk to the bunch in the corner. The Prince asks Griffin if the hawks have found Eleanor too. Velvet calls the prince "odd." Dyle's thinking of renaming the prison island...

Eizen's at the perch, looking at the ragtag band below.

He's still planning his move on when to rescue his captain...he plans to go on the offensive with the Abbey "to shake them and see what shakes loose."

Aifread never flinches from even the most awful seas...

Eizen asks if Velvet catches colds. She says can't feel any temperature at this point.

Magilou's leaning on the wall in the hall...doing something, which is doing nothing.

Magilou: "Right! I'm busy being unoccupied."

Velvet: "You're too [unusual] for this world, Magilou." Oh, Velvet...
Magilou: "Says the woman with the world's blandest personality." Or the angriest.

Velvet rightfully points out that Magilou's the type to run "when things get hairy." Magilou's still betting that Velvet's revengeathon will fail...

Then Magilou gets a bit philosophical on us.

I check the map: Eleanor's on the top of the north watchtower.

Two pirates are arguing whether to call Titania a hideout or a secret fort...

There's Benwick! He thanks Velvet for giving the pirates a good hideout!

One pirate's made up an anthem for the hideout!

Another confirms Eleanor's in the watchtower too.

There's Eleanor at the top of the tower.

Looks like Eleanor's gotten character development! She now sees Kamoana as a "lonely little girl" instead of a therion.

Eleanor: "They all live and think as humanly as the rest of us." Though, imo, her human bias needs to be cut out...Velvet's pause sort of agrees with my feelings to that bias.

Eleanor: "I was so clueless. I didn't know what daemonblight really was, nor what the Abbey was doing...Through it all, I...I knew nothing beyond...whatever I was taught."

Velvet repeats the oft-used line "ignorance is bliss."

Eleanor: "The coward's path is not that of an exorcist! They may say 'I didn't know anything! So I can't be blamed!' I can't...I can't live like that!" She's almost in tears again. Fur vf n ovg yvxr Yhxr nsgre Nxmrevhgu...

She tells Velvet to tell Kamoana she's fine. Velvet warns her not to catch cold. Eleanor thanks her. Velvet pulls off the "it's not like I care about you or anything" facade. Oh, Velvet...