Tales of Berseria - Part 70: Therion

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Hearing some sparkling noises, the door opens!

Laphicet: "I feel the power coming from further inside!"
Magilou: "Hmmm...how therion-triguing!"

Descending the steps into the depths...where do they lead?

Holy heck! There's a treant daemon ahead!

It's got the meanest claws!

The treant daemon's mouth has a woman inside! Or maybe the woman is part of the daemon!

Velvet: "Well, there you are."

The treant daemon jumps at us, but is blocked by another barrier similar to the beetle and Velvet's barrier in Titania!

So this is probably a therion! No, it is a therion.

Eizen: "Each of the seven heads seems to have assumed a different form."

Her shrieks sound painful...

Laphicet has another vision! This was where the compass was pointing him to!

Rokurou: "Can we get it to shrink like that bug of yours?"

Velvet's concerned of taking care of the therion and eliminating a head of Innominat...

She's weak against martial artes and fire, but strong against earth artes and non-elemental attacks...

Rokurou: "Try not to let it eat you!"
Magilou: "That'd be therion-comfortable!"

How do we block the spells of that therion? She's a quick caster!

Velvet and Rokurou corner her and let go of their attacks! Eleanor and Laphicet have support!

She starts Mowing Down my allies!

She casts a Flare Vortex around her radius!

Eizen jumps in the fray!

Within several minutes, we finish off the therion!

She's not done yet though...

Velvet opens her therion arm...

...but Mahina, from behind, jumps in!

Wait! That therion's her daughter...

Eleanor steps forward. She finishes Mahina off!

But Mahina crawls to her daughter, who eats her!

Eleanor can't believe what she's seeing!

Mahina: "I'm...so...sorry...Ka...mo...ana...I'm sorry...Kamoana."

Laphicet: "...'Malevolence' must refer to daemons then." I'm right!

Velvet: "Feeding on daemons...I know what that's like."

She transforms into a girl...and cries...

Eleanor: "Is that....Kamoana?!"

Kamoana's crying for her mother... ☹️

Eleanor's even more in shock!

Kamoana: "I tried so hard to be strong for you...the man from the Abbey made me strong...so please...please come back..."
Velvet: "The Abbey 'made' her strong?"

Magilou points out the Abbey's obsession of 'sacrifice.'

Eleanor finally realizes that Mahina the daemon was trying to save Kamoana the therion...she now sees the real things the Abbey does...

Oh my god...

Eleanor blames herself.

ahiru crying

Rokurou asks if they should take Kamoana. Velvet thinks she'll slow the crew down.

Oh no! Oscar's here!

Eleanor asks Oscar what the therions are for.

Oscar: "The less you know, the better."

Eleanor admits that she offed Mahina.

Oscar tells her not to be troubled by all that's happened. Wow...

Oscar calls Mahina's death a "necessary sacrifice to end this world's pain and suffering."

Wooooow...what a jerk!

Eleanor cries, knowing that that was a mother she killed! It's now come full circle for Eleanor...

Oscar looks down. Is he feeling regret too?

Oscar: "Be that as it may, those who possess strong wings must—"

Velvet high-kicks him!

Velvet: "It's not nice to make a girl cry."

Velvet goes to her.

Eleanor's not having that.

Eleanor: "Have you no compassion!?" Tell your Shepherd that. Maybe he might reconsider!

Velvet walks over to Kamoana!


She breaks the barrier!

Magilou: "Apparently, a woman's tears truly do have frightening power."

She's doing this because she's curious about what will happen next. Oh, Velvet...

Rokurou suggests taking her immediately before more exorcists come.

Laphicet asks Kamoana if she wants to come with the crew. Kamoana asks for her mother.

Eleanor consoles her that her mother's watching over her...

Eleanor: "Because that's what my mother does for me too."

Oh god...this is too heartbreaking...

ahiru crying

They leave immediately...

...and we get our rewards!

A Marathoner's Ventite's ours now!

The game gives us pointers on the ventite and Rokurou's new Break Soul!

Velvet's thinking of taking care of Oscar once and for all, but Eleanor's seen enough...