Tales of Berseria - Part 67: Heading To Palamedes

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Aside: I learn just now that I could upload or download my saved files for any PS4 games I've played...this might be an interesting feature.

Expedition check: We get a new treasure, a Snow Globe of Growth!

Laphicet sees there's flowers blooming inside!

Magilou and Laphicet's dialogue is rather humorous, mostly on Magilou's side.

Now there's Abbey soldiers in the village...it looks like the village has resigned to accepting Innominat.

One soldier tells us in order to get to Palamedes (or Palamides) we need to pass Manaan Reef.

One woman mentions the reason Mahina the priestess disappeared is because of the Abbey.

One boy mentions Kamoana. Who's Kamoana?

Some people are feeling guilty for making Kamoana feel bad when they mentioned her mother's priorities... ☹️

The innkeeper's daughter greets us before the gate to Palamedes. She knows we're heading there. She doesn't alert others to us because of Eleanor.

The daughter asks us to look for someone: "a mother and her child." Could they be the priestesses?

Mahina and Kamoana are the missing people, and Mahina is the priestess who's not too happy about the Abbey's takeover of Amenoch's temple.

So Kamoana went to the temple to look for her mother.

Eleanor vows that she'll find them.

The innkeeper's daughter grew up with only her mother just like the missing priestesses...

Velvet: "Let's be off, Miss Exorcist."

We now exit the village and are in Manaan Reef, Wondrous Rock Formations.

Eleanor plans to find Mahina and Kamoana herself.

Velvet asks why Eleanor's helping the crew when it's against the Abbey's interests. "Little old Eleanor" is curious about the Shepherd's game plan, and wasn't well-trusted with the Abbey's secrets.

Eleanor's thinking that the Abbey and Velvet's crew are headed "to the same destination."

Velvet's still suspicious...

Rokurou asks Velvet about therions. Does she know anything about them? Nope. The Shepherd just labelled her as one.

He walks off, not worried about Velvet as long as she's not worried about that.

But Velvet ponders why Seres freed her in the first place...

Skit: Bienfu mentions the "at odds" relationship between Velvet and Eleanor, saying they're "total opposites." More metaphorical comparisons.

Laphicet also points out Eleanor treats Bienfu with a cold shoulder, and Velvet's saved Laphicet a few times.

Laphicet and Bienfu are total opposites too.

Laphicet: "It's all right if Eleanor doesn't want to talk to you. I'm here for you, Bienfu. You aren't alone." Awww...

Magilou points out what I wrote earlier.

They don't get what she's saying...

With Manaan Reef, it's hard to tell which path is walkable and which isn't...

We get into an encounter with Sea Serpents, which look like Snakes of a different color.

There's also Hawks here as well, and they're poisoners!

I head to the south area where there's lots of Katz spirits!

On the map, there's another code red daemon marked here!

Another expedition gives us a pair of Devil Wings!

In the area where the code red is, the daemon is so huge!

I brush past him and open the gold chest containing an Express Pendant!

On a dare, I decide to face him. It'll make the crew stronger if we win...

Tales of Berseria - Part 67a: Release the Kraken!

I always wanted to write that...

So this huge monster is a Kraken!

He's weak against earth attacks but resistant to fire and water artes...

This monster technically guards while casting spells too! Hoo boy...

The benefit of being such a colossal target is that he's easy to hit! But his defense is rock solid!

We make more hits on him, most of them he's guarding against! Whenever the Kraken casts his spells though, his defense is down!

Eizen's out, Laphicet's in!

Now at a third of his health, the Kraken's casting his set of spells, KO'ing Rokurou!

We eventually finish the giant squid off!

Tales of Berseria - Part 67: Heading To Palamedes (continued)

We move forward to the next area...

We stop, Rokurou mentioning the endless rocky reefy shore.

He also warns us to avoid stepping on sea slugs. He's not too...open about what would happen if we did step on one.

Then he goes back to thinking about eating them, pickled. Oh, Rokurou...

Eizen warns us not to step on any coral. Yeah, that's even worse.

Eleanor knows coral is alive and believes coral preservation is important. Velvet thinks that they can be sold for jewelry.

Eizen explains the creation of Manaan is different from Maclir.

Slow erosion and "rock eating" coral called "ravening table" coral caused Manaan Reef to become what it is...

Rokurou: "Ah! So that's why it tingles every time I touch the coral!"

Velvet: "Why didn't you warn us earlier!?"

We head south to where we can see the vast ocean, and the tall rocks beyond. The place is screenshot-worthy!

Though the monsters around there make it a bit hard to enjoy it.

We see a gold chest with Asmodeus Earrings inside!

After tons of battling, we make it back and go to the north area, where another fantastic seascape lies.

Skit: It's an update on Laphicet's rhinostagros beetle. He feeds them every night before going to bed. He asks Bienfu if he loves bugs. Yes, he does. Laphicet asks him if the beetle's a rhino or a stag. Bienfu boasts that Magilou found a way to tell. Does it?

If it works, Laphicet has to name the beetle species after Bienfu. He complies. To find out if the beetle's a rhino or a stag, one has to smell underneath the wings.

Now Rokurou steps in, saying that the scent under a rhino beetle's wings stink a lot. He asks Eleanor if he wants to smell underneath the beetle's wings. No.

Bienfu volunteers. By his reaction, I'm guessing it's a rhino beetle!

Aside: This part was cut from the original liveblog.

Another skit: Magilou and Laphicet talk. He wonders what those books she's wearing are for. One's a "magic encyclopedia" and another's a "household ledger," then a "heavy book for flower pressings," and a "super popup book" for enemies. But "it's a pain" for her to close that book!

The front book is actually a cake shaped like a book? What? She's actually joking. Laphicet's amazed by the books.

Oh no...Magilou, you are effing creepy...I know what's coming...oh god... ☹️

Eleanor sees what Magilou's done and is flabbergasted!

Laphicet looks at the books' lock bindings, noting that they're "popular during the Meliodas dynasty..."

Eleanor vows to keep watch on Magilou more.

Aside: End of cut part.

Skit: Laphicet asks about Magilou's heavy book. It's..."a collection of Bienfu's poetry!"

Magilou recites one poem from Bienfu.

It's not poetry. It's Bienfu's diary!

Laphicet notices Magilou's face has turned "sinister." Oh my god, Magilou... *smh*

We make it to a warp point!

In the next area, at the far end of the rocky shore, we find another Katz Box!

Now we're at the last area of the reef...

Rokurou asks Laphicet if he's found anything based on the compass's direction so far.

Laphicet: "Yeah, in the direction of the temple. The [signal]'s getting stronger now."

After clearing the area of monsters, it's only a short trip away to the Palamedes Temple!