Tales of Berseria - Part 66: The Fifth Empyrean

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Expedition check: We get some cologne, or an Eau de Seduction...

We head back to the inn. What did they find?

Grimoirh: "Well, as it turns out [Laphicet] has quite the knack for languages."
Laphicet: "Only because I've got the best teacher."

Laphicet reads the song they translated:

"Eight-headed is the Lord of the Land
With seven months to devour malevolence
Through pulses of earth doth base nature's flow
As He awaits the time of awakening.

"Four Empyreans may tear him asunder
But so long as there is one receptive to divine power
Therions shall be forever reborn
In sight of the full crimson moon.

"The Nameless Empyrean hath one heart.
The Nameless Empyrean hath one body.

Wait a minute. I'm guessing Velvet's brother and the Shepherd might have known something about this.

Grim explains that the book we found has songs "pertaining to Innominat." Lucky find, indeed!

Velvet wants to rush this quickly. Same here.

But Grim and Laphicet have only translated the bare lyrics so far...

Eleanor's thoughts are a bit suspicious...

She approaches the book, and analyzes the drawing for us.

Eleanor mentions the seven heads in the picture as...


Velvet: "Therions."

Eleanor doesn't know what the book means when it's referring to "malevolence."

Eizen asks about the second stanza of the song.

Eleanor brings up her broad knowledge of Empyrean history, that four Empyreans, elementals, created the world. But Innominat's one. Hmmm...

She guesses "a war broke out between Innominat and the other Empyreans that resulted in him being sealed away."

Magilou: "But if there is someone to connect with this 'divine power,' the therions will keep spawning, and [...] Innominat will be revived. If we assume [the Shepherd] fits that bill and that he's trying to reawaken Innominat, everything lines up."

So now our next mission is to go after the therions. Rokurou asks the same question as me: Where are they?

Eizen reminds everyone that Innominat's head and body "are connected through earthpulses."

Eizen: "If their job is to feed Innominat, the most effective place [...] would be at the earthpulse points."

This means the Abbey's using the temples to feed Innominat.

With the Empyrean's Throne at the center, Yvolg Ruins being one of those places, and Palamedes another...

Laphicet mentions the sigil that sealed the beetle we found in Warg Forest.

So the beetle's a therion...like Velvet.

The griffin in the villa's also a therion!

Velvet asks if therions "come in different forms." I suppose so.

Rokurou asks if they could double-check the villa back in Loegres. Nope. Velvet thinks we need more info from the book.

Grim's puzzled by another line in the song: "Therions being 'forever reborn.'"

We cut to a sea of stars and a small fading light with small raindrops...

Laphicet's eyes widen! He sensed Innominat's power again!

His compass points to the direction of where Palamedes Temple is! This must mean (and I'm guessing here) that the compass is pointing to where the therions, or a therion, is being held!

Eleanor notices that temples are built based on strong spiritual energy and that the Abbey's taken them over. She asks if Palamedes is on an earthpulse point. I'm guessing yes.

Eizen notes there's plenty of earthpulse points around the world.

But now it's off to Palamedes first.

Grim stops us, theorizing what would happen if we took care of a therion...but she lets that thought pass. Oh, Grimoirh.

I'm going to guess that since Velvet is also a therion, she's probably going to die... ☹️

Someone got an Exorcist Card pack with a Rank 1 Bienfu and isn't too happy! It's probably a common card...