Tales of Berseria - Part 65: Haria Village, Home of Old Beliefs

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Skit: After hearing about the daemonblight, Rokurou's a bit surprised at the laidback feel of Haria Village.

Eleanor guesses the locals are being nice because we have an exorcist in tow.

Velvet has a small smile while pondering and observes Eleanor's awareness of gray morality.

Eleanor: (condescendingly?) "The Abbey wouldn't entrust my responsibilities to someone who couldn't see beyond the surface."

She's seen the good, great, bad, and ugly...but all that she's seen makes her more motivated, not less.

Eleanor's an optimist. She sees the darkness in Velvet. Velvet's surprised at her forward manner.

My lord, that's a beautiful sunset...

I scour around for treasures, like Mussels and a Dark Bottle.

At the entrance to the inn, I see a Katz Box around the side. This time I get White Bunny Ears as a reward!

I put them on Rokurou...

Three villagers are debating whether to let the Abbey in or to keep worshipping Amenoch.

I shop awhile. The Amphibole equipment's rather pricey.

There's a boy hiding behind a natant tree near a red herb.

He's not too fond of fruit-flavored gels. So, he decided to make chocolate gels! I wonder if they're useful in battle...plus, now I'm thinking of eating that gel irl.

Other people thought the idea not "avant-garde" enough. He then put bonito fish into chocolate gels. I think cocoa gels are good enough alone.

Eleanor's thinks mixing fish with chocolate is odd.

Rokurou agrees with the idea of "braising meat with chocolate," since they go good together. His sweet tooth is kicking in again.

Aside: What Rokurou says is true. Meat and chocolate are good together, but it depends on how the chocolate is used. Plus, I've seen recipes that used chocolate in chicken...

The boy thought the chocolate and fish was a "bad," but "interesting" combo. Rokurou asks the boy why he's angry if he's made a great discovery. He "outdid" himself, he says.

He now plans to put chocolate gels in toilets, calling it "The Great Choconito Gambit"! This is too funny!

Laphicet finds his idea funny too.

Boy: "I don't want to become the kind of grown-up who can't find any fun in looking for gels in toilets." Wait a minute, it took me awhile to get the gels-in-toilet reference...

Aside: Gur try-va-gbvyrg ersrerapr vf npghnyyl n abq gb Gnyrf bs Qrfgval, jurer va gur fgneg bs gur tnzr, gur znva punenpgre svaqf uvf svefg erpbirel vgrz, n Terra Try, va n gbvyrg. Bu ybeq, gubfr jrer gur qnlf...V zvtug qb n cynlguebhtu bs gung tnzr fbzrqnl.

We head to the inn to rest up.

Grimoirh now starts to translate the book. Laphicet asks if he could watch the process. Grimoirh's not impressed at being called "teacher."

Laphicet thinks it's better than "ma'am."

She smiles and decides to teach him! Phew...

I'm now outside the inn. I talk to a few locals mentioning their debate over whether to let the Abbey in or not.

So Amenoch the Empyrean has priestesses, or used to be, but it's now a mother and daughter left.

The Abbey also took over Amenoch's Temple...Velvet asks if they forced it over. So Teresa wanted Amenoch's temple. But for what? To force Haria to worship Innominat.

My god, this is religious imperialism right here.

But where is the priestess?

The priestess’s name is Mahina.

Amenoch worshippers aren't happy Palamedes, the temple of Amenoch, is being taken over by the Abbey. But the daemonblight isn't helping.

Velvet wonders why the Abbey would need Palamedes for?

It's the end of an era for Haria Village.

Magilou points out the Abbey's ruthless oppression.

Velvet: "I'd imagine that comes part and parcel with spreading the good word. Other gods would get in the way."

Palamedes Temple is now the Abbey HQ in Southgand.

Velvet doesn't find a lot of "reason" in taking over a temple.

Velvet: "Unless... do you think they need it for some other purpose?"
Magilou: (actually says this) "Shrug."

There's Eizen sitting on the grass, looking at the beach...

Eizen points out reading old Avarost isn't just reading grammar and words. It's more of "kind of [having] to intuit the words [a lot]."

Velvet: "A language based on guesswork? Thanks, old, dead people. You're officially the worst." Lol. That's the funniest line in this game so far.

Eleanor's still thinking about the connections between the daemon and the village. She thinks there might have been an epidemic, but the village looks okay...

Velvet thinks as long as the Abbey isn't pursuing them then that's good enough.

Eleanor's not too keen on Velvet's "do and use anything and everything to get what she wants" approach.

Rokurou's looking at the weapons on the rack...

Rokurou: "So she digs being called 'teacher.' Well played, Laphicet."

Rokurou: "You can tell how badly he wanted to help her...I think [Laphicet's] finally finding himself."

Meanwhile, Grim's deciphering the book, with Laphicet at Grim's side.

Grimoirh: "Oh, ancient Avarost. You have the obstinacy of a spurned lover who refuses to move on."

There's a line that Grim can't figure out, which literally reads as: "The parent hates tomatoes; the child, eggplants." N abq gb Flzcubavn? Bar bs gur punenpgref va gung tnzr vf abg n sna bs gbzngbrf.

So reading ancient Avarost is like reading a riddle wrapped in an enigma cuddled in an NP-complete problem.

Laphicet sort of solves the book's abstract puzzle.

"Pochomusan" in ancient Avarost, within the context of the passage they're reading, translates to "The Nameless Empyrean." Innominat.

Grim thinks this is a book of children's counting songs.

But the song in the book, according to Grim, Laphicet would find interesting.