Tales of Berseria - Part 64: The Search For Grimoirh

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Another recipe is on our list now, it's a vegetable mix!

We head to the shop next to the weapon shop. There's a lot of bottles and dolls lined up on display!

Laphicet sees that the "dolls look like Bienfu!"

The shopkeeper tells us the dolls are the Empyrean Amenoch herself! Holy heck! Eleanor shares the same reaction as me: surprise!

Amenoch is dignified, the shopkeeper adds, but has a slight temper. She's not happy because the Abbey banned worship of her...

The shopkeepers visited her on one occasion. She wasn't feeling too happy either, just sighing...

Laphicet notices something!

Magilou asks if that is actually Amenoch. It is. Then she proudly proclaims "the low energy listless goddess is none other than" Grimoirh! So Amenoch is another name for Grimoirh?

Rokurou: "Grimoirh isn't human?"
Magilou: "When did I ever say she was?"

The shopkeeper saw her last on Maclir Beach.

Magilou: "Quickly, to the beach!"

Cue Batman transition music!

I use up all our herbs before heading out to Maclir Beach, Thundering Southern Seas.

Rokurou: "Beautiful waters. So this is Maclir Beach..."
Laphicet: "I hope she's actually here..."

Here's the music for Maclir Beach.

We start our first battle with a Sand Mole, which looks nothing like a mole, and more like the Maul in Burnack Plateau...

Huge biodiversity here: Peacocks, and some nautilus creatures.

The beach looks so vast and nice...

I see another Katz Box hanging on top of a large lily pad on a cliffs base.

Velvet points out we're looking for a malak like Bienfu. She doesn't get how Bienfu's different from Eizen or Laphicet, yet still be counted as a malak.

Magilou calls it "a tangly mess," at best. Bienfu is open for questions.

Velvet asks what under Bienfu's hat? He doesn't want to tell Velvet.

Rokurou with a devious smile asks if he could take it off. Nope.

Laphicet asks "why not?" He can't say.

Bienfu mentions that he's a normin. Normin are power boosters in a way, or "common spirits." Normin don't like being called by that label.

Eleanor finds out why Bienfu has different "speaking mannerisms." Normins are trying to stand out.

So I am right! Bienfu is a normin malak!

Rokurou makes a "common" pun.

Expedition comes back, and they brought back Swimwear for Velvet!

I change clothes for both Velvet and Rokurou!

I climb a set of vines on the cliff face, going to the top of the cliff...and getting another Poison Ward!

We jump down, and on the other side, we see a pengyon couple on a rock warming their eggs. Eleanor calls them "faithful creatures" as "they never leave their mate." She sighs.

Laphicet wonders how pengyons lay eggs. Lol...oh boy...Eleanor talks very fast about pengyons' orange eggs, hoping to brush the science aside quickly! The eggs taste like "sea urchins" and feel like "caviar."

Velvet calls it "cruel" for eating pengyons' eggs. You're one to talk, Velvet.

Eleanor has a dish that goes well with pengyon eggs: a "family fricasse!"

Velvet: "That's...a horrific name..."
Eleanor: "I wasn't the one who named it, okay?!"

Laphicet passes on the eggs.

I found another typo on the area map. The mission calls the beach Macril Beach instead of Maclir.

I switch Rokurou and Velvet's outfits back.

In the next area, we're near another code red daemon spot!

In one battle, the party gets poisoned by a Dumpus!

I come across Nagas, whose tails are venomous as well!

Some arte setting for Rokurou in the menu, and I head down to the sands...

Oh my god, Grimoirh's surrounded by lizard monsters!

She walks away, sighing...

The smaller lizard monsters scatter as a big one comes forth!

It's a Venom Lizard!

Knowing he's poisonous, I take caution...

Laphicet: "A dragon?"
Rokurou: "No, just a big lizard daemon!"
Laphicet: "Is it friends with Dyle?" I don't think so...

It poisons all party members right out of the gate!

This one's a toughie!

Its poison breath isn't to be underestimated either!

After a few hits, it performs its Soul Burst!

The lizard attempts a Body Press and walks on his hind legs now!

The lizard now turns red!

Laphicet notices.

Magilou: "Awwwww, he's shy!"
Eleanor: "More like it's angry! Let's not enrage it any further!"
Eizen: "It's building up strength, be careful!"

Eizen switches out with Eleanor!

The lizard when it turns red oozes out poison gas from its body!

Its a long tough fight, but we manage to get him!

We get a Terrestrial Glacite!

The game tells me more about higher-level Mystic Artes.

There's Grimoirh on a log!

Velvet goes to her.

Grimoirh: (super-sighs) "Who are you?"

She looks so down...she does know Magilou and Bienfu, "the outlandish pair..."

Rokurou asks how Magilou knows her: "Witch training," she says. Grim's her "upperclassman."

Grimoirh: "Goodness, Magilou. You of all people joining a team? I didn't know you had it in you." Wait, so Magilou's a lone wolf of sorts?

Bienfu begs for Grim's help.

No can do.

Velvet pulls her blade in front of Grim, as an "incentivizing" gesture. Grim tells her to do it. My god...

Grim reads Velvet like a book.

Grimoirh: "Trouble follows you like a hawk follows a rabbit." You mean like a hawk follows a hare?

Grimoirh though doesn't want "trouble."

Rokurou asks for her age.

Grimoirh threatens to put a firework up his butt if he asks that again! Oops! Hee...

Rokurou bows and apologizes for his question. It's the first time I've seen him bow...

Eizen feels like they've wasted time.

Laphicet asks Grim how she knew how to read ancient texts. He's eager to know what's in the book.

Poor Laphicet. He wishes he could help Velvet even more...

Grimoirh offers to teach Laphicet, but at a cost. Or not. She offers to read the book for us because of Laphicet's passion.

Laphicet hands her the book. Grim tells him "not to be so formal" when he called her "ma'am."

It's Avarost script. It'll take awhile to translate it.

Rokurou thinks the beach isn't the safest place to read books. He suggests going to safer ground.

Grim says that Rokurou "redeemed" himself with that idea. Yep, that's usually Rokurou. One minute, he does one thing that I really don't agree with, and then he makes up for it the next.

She points out Haria Village isn't far from here.

Rokurou: "That works. Thank you."

rokurou smiling gif (Source of gif)

Awww, look at his smile! 🙂

Velvet's frown ruins that nice moment, though.

Skit: Eleanor asks if Grimoirh is Amenoch. No, she isn't. So Grimoirh told the shopkeeper not to sell dolls of her, even though he still thought of Grim as Amenoch. Bienfu suggests to Grim to sue him. Hee...she doesn't care. Bienfu then says likenesses of her can't sell. Uh oh...

She, in her "casual danger" tone, threatens to turn Bienfu into a doll!

She's definitely not the Empyrean Amenoch.

She calls herself a "simple girl."

Eleanor accidentally insults her. Oops! She apologizes and tries verbally backspacing. She's forgiven, "but it won't get her out of the doghouse."

Eleanor: "Haria...isn't that the village with that daemon Oscar and Teresa were talking about?"
Eizen: "I think it might be. We should remain on our guard."

A little walk later, we see the front gate of Haria Village and a save point before it.

I make a right before the incline to the gate and see a small tunnel on the left...

...leading to a gold chest that has another Garish Pink Shirt!

I turn back and walk on the shallows to another part of the beach, where the code red daemon is!

I ignore her for now.

Back at Haria Village's gate, I save here.

Tales of Berseria - Part 64a: A Harpy-Go-Lucky Day

I cross the shallows and head to the opposite end of the beach to face the code red here!

It's a Harpy-Go-Lucky, and she's weak against fire, but strong against earth and water based attacks!

She's surprisingly quick, but my allies get on top of her immediately!

Unfortunately, her Soul Break attack, a Screw Driver, knocks Rokurou out!

And my allies switch out members again! I'm now controlling Eleanor this time!

With chain combos from her Burning Moon and Maelstrom arte, the tide of the battle turns!

Velvet makes the final blow!

I try to go back to Yseult, but our way back is blocked by Grimoirh's insistence that we go to Haria Village...

I do some level grinding, even unleashing Eleanor's Mystic Arte in one battle!

I save here.