Tales of Berseria - Part 62: To Southgand

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Laphicet's disappointed that we didn't find the real Aifread, but we now know what he looks like!

The crew does not want to eat sale'tomah...ever.

Velvet asks for Eleanor's condition.

Laphicet points out she's worried about her. She denies it.

Magilou gives more skeevy advice. Velvet barges in and tells her not to confuse Laphicet! Oh, Magilou, you troll...

Eleanor pulls out a clock, conflicted on her loyalties to the Abbey. Please game, let her be loyal to Velvet's crew...

She hears the Shepherd's voice in her head: "You are dismissed. That knowledge is not for you."

Rokurou asks her if anything's wrong. He's concerned about her getting sick again...

He points out the sale'tomah juice's awful taste to her.

He asks if she's afraid of daemons.

Eleanor: "It's more like I...despise them. Ten years ago, a group of them attacked my village. They destroyed everything and everyone."

Even her family died from a daemon attack too... ☹️

Eleanor: "...The only family I had at that point was my mother, and in all the chaos, she...all I have left of her is this hand mirror she gave me. I didn't want anyone else to have to feel the way I did. And so I became an exorcist...to destroy daemons."

She tells him to "keep [his] pity." Rokurou smiles and says, in short, "OK!"

Now heading for Yseult in Southgand!

southgand port

This is the place...

Laphicet sees a pengyon, or a rainbow penguin with fins for flippers...


So we're in the tropics in this game.

Eleanor notes that pengyons make a good stew...

Velvet: "You'd eat that poor thing? Savage."
Eleanor: "You're one to talk, daemon."

Eleanor recalls her mother again.

Eizen asks Magilou about Grimoirh. She sighs. A lot. Her eyes sparkle while sighing...

Magilou: "Grim's got a sort of listless aristocratic air about her. A noblewoman in her twilight, you could say."

Laphicet asks if Grimoirh's a "woman [who's] different from Velvet and Eleanor." Rokurou laughs at that, and smiles, telling Laphicet to look for a middle-aged woman, and that's Grimoirh.

Laphicet then asks Magilou why she hides her true feelings. Her jaw drops before putting on her comedic facade again, saying "a long time ago, [her feelings] broke." ☹️

Laphicet's puzzled by that answer.