Tales of Berseria - Part 60: Lothringen, Tower of the Exorcists

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Inside the tower, there's a lot of glowing blue light around the edges of the floor...it's the water that's glowing...

There's also shrubs growing on ledges above in the center of this passage.

The music sounds pretty mysterious...

I find the stairs and climb up the tower...

Eleanor asks about Aifread's disappearance. Eizen points out her inquisitive nature. She considers it "a habit [she] picked up [as an exorcist]..."

So it was a year when Aifread vanished. And he fought Zaveid, with a pendulum on the ground.

Magilou tells Eleanor about Aifread's imprisonment in Titania. She's shocked that Melchior freed him. So she had no knowledge of what the Abbey does at all behind-the-scenes, huh? But she notes that there were a lot of casualties involved, but no official "deployment" of sorts...hmmm...this is getting sketchy.

Eleanor was told, or more likely, ordered, to stop investigating any further by Legate Melchior...hmmm....

I head into the mess hall, where I find a Halberd for Eleanor! It's useful against zombies.

Holy heck! Across the mess hall, I see Zaveid captured!

I go back down first to the other side of the tower for more treasure before going to him!

That's not Zaveid, it's Aifread!

Velvet and Eizen confirm it.

He greets Eizen. Eizen tells him that he could've sent a letter.

Eizen has a little brother?

Holy heck! Eizen punched Aifread! This guy's a fake! No, it's an illusion!

Eizen has no brother.

Eizen: "Enough of your tricks!"

He turns around, seeing a girl with an umbrella!

girl with umbrella

Bu zl tbq, vg'f ure! Rqan!

Eizen's surprised to see her!

girl with umbrella 2

She lowers her umbrella...

...Then she gets shot! She's actually an exorcist malak illusioned up as the girl! And Zaveid fired on the malak! He thanks Eizen for the help.

He calls for Melchior. There's Melchior!

Melchior: "Breaking through my double illusion. Impressive."
Zaveid: "I make it a point not to fall for the same tricks twice."

Melchior now summons three malakhim. One of the malakhim asks why they're there...

Melchior notices something about her consciousness returning, and fires an energy ball of darkness at the malak!

She transforms into a dragon!

Eleanor's in shock at what Melchior did!

The other two malakhim transform as well!

Melchior: "A chain reaction...Your Reaper's Curse is quite the dreadful affliction, isn't it?" He walks away, with Zaveid chasing after him.

Magilou: "Heads up...wyverns coming!"
Eleanor: "Why would an exorcist create a daemon?"

Rokurou tells her to not worry about that matter.

After a semi-long miniboss fight, Zaveid's captured Melchior!

Melchior: (smiles) "Oh, are you sure about that?"

Eizen and Velvet strike at the dragons! Zaveid's in shock at Velvet's therion power!

Zaveid then stops her! They start fighting!

With the gun, he shoots the wyvern, resurrecting him! I'm just as confused as Eleanor right now regarding Zaveid's actions...

Zaveid's not happy about how Velvet's crew operates...

Zaveid: "You folks jump in and kill without a second thought! Is that your 'creed'?"

Melchior's pleased, saying he's looking for Zaveid's "Siegfried" power. What is he talking about?

Melchior casts a green energy ball around Zaveid's gun to examine it...

...then he warps away and says "[his] work here is done." Zaveid chases after him!

What the heck was that all about?

We climb further up the tower, rescuing a Katz along the way!

At the head of the staircase before a locked door, I find another gold chest containing a Simple Ribbon!

Melchior and Zaveid are now out of the tower...

Zaveid fails to find Melchior.

Laphicet's relieved that Zaveid's okay.

Velvet points out Melchior didn't steal Zaveid's gun. Magilou also makes a good point, that Melchior could have made replicas of the gun just by studying the workings of the thing.

Magilou tells us Melchior's "specialty": research and examination.

Magilou says the Abbey brought the arte "from another continent." Hmmm...

So Siegfried's the name of the gun, not some hidden power Zaveid has.

Eizen asks him why he has that.

Zaveid's theme plays, it starts off as a simple guitar, symbolic of Zaveid's free nature.

So Zaveid used to be enslaved to the exorcists, mind controlled by "Innominat's domain."

After Aifread used Siegfried on Zaveid, he woke up. Then, Aifread and Zaveid had a memorable fight.

Zaveid: "He might've been a human, but that guy was a beast! He put a song in my soul." Eizen smiles.

But Melchior then "spirited Aifread away" with his magic...

Rokurou asks why Melchior took Aifread instead of getting Siegfried.

It turns out Aifread distracted Melchior and tossed the gun over to Zaveid.

The buckle on Zaveid's belt has hands shaking each other's hand, like some form of agreement's been made.

So Aifread trusts Zaveid, huh?

Zaveid decides to find Aifread on his own. Velvet warns him he has little time to rescue Aifread.

Magilou points out that Melchior wasn't able to get info on Siegfried from Aifread. Now Aifread's...no, I can't say it. I'm not sure about Aifread's condition yet.

Eleanor proposes to Zaveid to join with the crew. No way. He doesn't want to hang around with killers.

Zaveid: "Sorry. I'm a fighter, not a killer. I won't steal a single life. That's just my creed." I like his morals.

Eizen's not changing his "creed" either.

Eleanor's beginning to realize that malakhim have their own ways of living, "just like humans."

Skit: Magilou points out Melchior cheats with his illusions.

Velvet: "There's no cheating in combat."

It seems Melchior's not as holy or fair as he appears to be...

Plus, Rokurou was even fooled by his illusions.

Eleanor points out the benefits of Melchior's tricks.

Velvet snarks again at the Abbey's low methods: "Oh, how humane. Wow, the Abbey is sooo great." Hee...

From Eleanor, I learn that Melchior worked for the Shepherd before the Abbey was founded. Hmmm...so Melchior's the "mind of the Abbey," so to speak.

Velvet gets honest with her.

Magilou: "Physical wounds can heal. Emotional wounds never fully fade."

Rokurou makes Eleanor feel a bit better.

Rokurou: "Don't lose heart, Eleanor. Foul play is foul play, but you're talking to a daemon and a witch. Who can judge?"

Eleanor, as an exorcist, doesn't like a daemon trying to make her feel better.