Tales of Berseria - Part 6: Imprisonment

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Velvet: "I will... I will...make you pay!"

She's now locked up...and we still get XP from that daemon battle...I'm still shaking as I type this...oh my god...

The tutorial explains battle difficulties, along with potentite...I wonder what that is...

We're back in the present...

Velvet: "So did my world come to an end. And for three long years, I sat in that pit of darkness...and fed. Devouring daemons...so I could live. So I could live long enough to kill him. And be my brother's vengeance."

This is Velvet's Chateau d'If.

Now someone opens Velvet's cell. Seres...

She asks Seres where Artorius is. She tests her, if she's worthy for some reason...

I get a game over several seconds later!

I try again. It seems I have to beat Seres in combat.

Velvet notices she's holding back. Seres says she passed.

Seres is not Artorius's malak anymore, and she's now helping Velvet.

Seres explains that there are now exorcists roaming around the land...Velvet doesn't care about that and demands to know where Artorius is.

He's in Midgand, in the capital city Loegres.

Seres explains that he performed a ritual (that one we saw last time), which "shifted the very course of the world."

Seres continues. When more malakhim came, more exorcists rose to fight the daemons.

Artorius is now leader of the Abbey, which Seres calls an "institution" with huge positive publicity.

Seres: "Artorius Collbrande, the world's savior..."
Velvet: "With power stolen by sacrificing Laphicet." And Celica, I'm betting.

Seres tells Velvet that he can still be killed.

But why does Seres tell her about this? Seres tests her again, but this time, to escape from the prison compound.

Velvet: "Fine. I don't care what the world thinks of me. What matters is my vengeance against Artorius. That's all."

Seres nods, and breaks the magic lasers from Velvet's cell.

We get a Prodigy's Glacite for beating Seres...

The tutorial explains more things.

We're now in the island prison of Titania.