Tales of Berseria - Part 59: Return to Burnack Plateau

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We're now in the southwestern part of the Plateau, the vast part of it...

Holy heck, the place is huge!

We encounter newer monsters here as well...

There's also a code red daemon in this area.

Laphicet's in awe at the gigantic geysers that look like mountains! Velvet, of the rainbows near them!

Eleanor explains we're at the Burnack Geyser!

Magilou explains the science of the geysers.

Laphicet: "Wowie!"

Eleanor's surprised at the "educational" material Magilou said.

Velvet, quit putting down Magilou.

Then Magilou exaggerates again, mentioning a boiled octopus or a boiled crab shooting out of a geyser on occasion! She's hungry, I think...

Velvet: "Magilou...I'm declaring your bizarre imagination the eighth wonder of the world."
Magilou: "People say that all the time."

Tales of Berseria - Part 59a: Hungry Like the Wolf

After a few battles and item searching, I decide to go after the code red daemon near a chest!

He's a very giant wolf, a Breed Wolf!

He does a lot of leaping strikes at us!

He's a tough one, nearly destroying half of our party, but we take him down!

We get a Luminary's Ventite, and head back to collect our reward before pressing forward!

Tales of Berseria - Part 59: Return to Burnack Plateau (continued)

After tons of monster battles along the way, we arrive at our next stop!

Expedition check: We've got 13 recipes in the bag! 17 more to go! The new recipe we pick up can partially recover KO'the allies in battle!

There's Eizen standing there near an exorcist campground...

Oh my god, all of the soldiers and orderlies are KO'the!

He asks us if we gave the medicine to the crew.

It wasn't Eizen who did all of this. It's Zaveid. All of the exorcists are not dead, though. He's a fighter, not a killer.

Eizen also knows that Zaveid knows he's going into a trap. Why spring it and why bring Eizen along?

Eizen also wants to spring the trap to see if Aifread's at Lothringen.

He tells us the story of how he met Aifread. Aifread told him that the curse is a part of him.

Eizen: "But if the reaper learns to grasp the wheel of his life, even he may find his creed...his path through stormy waters."

And thus, Eizen joined Aifread's crew.

There's Zaveid hanging out from behind the big tent listening to his story...

But the crew notices, and he comes out of hiding.

Eizen: "It's rude to eavesdrop."
Zaveid: "If you've got secrets, talk about 'em at home."

Laphicet asks if there's any hope of them working together.

Zaveid & Eizen: "Not if he's going to keep acting like this." Hee...you stubborn malakhim...

Rokurou smiles and crosses his arms.

Zaveid leaves. Magilou wonders why he came out when "he could have just stayed hidden."

Zaveid has his way of doing things...

Skit: Eizen and Eleanor explain about Lothringen. Velvet asks Laphicet if he was there with Teresa. He doesn't remember.

Eleanor explains the exorcist training process, where they are given malak and learn artes suitable based on their mana affinity.

Velvet dreads the orderly exorcist life.

Rokurou's disappointed by the lack of competition there.

Eleanor: "People join the Abbey for two reasons: to protect people from daemons and to save the world." Then what does Shigure's presence in the Abbey mean? The guy just wants a fight.

Velvet, Magilou, and Rokurou don't take too kindly about being exorcists.

Eleanor says that they don't understand "their motives."

Rokurou, however, wants a fight in Lothringen!

Another skit about Zaveid this time. Laphicet points out he's not scared of him, because he wants a fight for fun, not to kill people.

Magilou thinks it's because he hangs out with Velvet a lot.

Eizen thinks he's naive.

Velvet and Eizen don't get Zaveid at all. Lol...

Eleanor doesn't get everyone else in the crew.

Expedition check: We get a new treasure, a Valkinas Cryas Trinket!

Eizen accidentally made a pun about the new treasure...he denies that.

We're almost close to Lothringen. We cross a bridge...

There's another lovely view of the geysers beyond.

Eleanor wonders why Eizen was let into Aifread's crew. She doesn't get his answer. Maybe he needs the challenge.

Laphicet wonders if he had the curse.

He would've wanted and not wanted Velvet and Eleanor near him, for some reason, if he had it.

Eleanor accidentally compliments Eizen as "a strong man."

We see the big Abbey wall before us now...

Laphicet asks Eizen about the gun Zaveid wields. To the crew, it's an unusual weapon. Eizen calls it a "relic."

At least Eizen admits he and Zaveid aren't so different...

Aifread (and rightly so) wouldn't let people touch the gun.

But why would Zaveid go after Aifread for?

Laphicet thinks that he wouldn't steal anything valuable, maybe hes returning it?

Instead of turning left, I jump down to the shallow watering bed below and find a chest with a Garish Pink Shirt inside! Its attack boost is huge, but at the cost of a lower defense...

I turn back and I head inside the Tunnel across the stream, which is the East Laban Tunnel.

Out of curiosity, I head deeper and collect the treasures there.

What have we here? Another set of vines...but there's a wide chasm ahead...

The Orbweavers here are very tough and clever!

This tunnel is so long and deep!

We free another Katz from a Katz Box and get Aviator Sunglasses!

We make it outside to fresh air, but the tunnel continues downward and northward...

Is this place an optional dungeon of sorts?

I now make it to a huge area in the tunnel, but all three ways forward are dead ends...

Lots of Tales coins and spirits here too!

I pick up a Death Ward in the north dead end and head back!

For some reason, I'm imagining Rokurou wearing that school uniform from Princess Tutu, blue cardigan, frilly sleeves, and all...

I open the north gate of the plateau to complete the area map, and go back, heading to the west...

There's the tower in the distance!

Magilou knows this is an obvious trap: no soldiers around. It's now a matter of when, where, and what the trap is.

I save and stop here for today!