Tales of Berseria - Part 58: Finding Eizen

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Aside: Looking at the locations where the expedition crew's been so far, most of the places are very subtle Tales references. Sbe vafgnapr, Sbepr Vfynaqf vf n abq gb Gnyrf bs Erovegu (gur gnebg pneqf orybat gb gur punenpgre Uvyqn Eunzoyvat), Oneongbf Vfynaqf gb Gnyrf bs Qrfgval VV (Yrba be Whqnf'f obar znfx), naq fb ba...

I deliver the sale'tomah to the pirates.

Benwick thanks us! He asks where Eizen is. We tell him that he went after Zaveid.

He tells us why we didn't go after him?

Since the Abbey's going after Zaveid, Eizen's in danger! Benwick knew about Zaveid from the merchants, and that the Abbey's going to trap him in Lothringen! And Eizen could get caught in the trap!

Eleanor wonders why Legate Melchior's wanting to catch Zaveid, but she's thinking of wanting to hand over Laphicet to the Abbey to finish her mission!

Velvet decides to leave Eizen. Benwick's not okay with that.

In actuality, Velvet wants to rescue him, but she's being cautious about this. She tells the pirates to stay and drink their medicine while they rescue Eizen and Aifread.

Velvet: "Why else would Eizen barge into a trap, if only to save Aifread?"

Oh, Benwick...he finally gets it!

Velvet gives Eleanor the sale'tomah.

Eleanor: "These pirates don't have a lick of sense in them."
Velvet: "They don't let 'reason' dictate who they protect."
Eleanor: (sighs) "If you say so, daemon."

Velvet's waiting for her to eat the flower. She does so. Rokurou smiles.

Lothringen's a tower meant as a training ground for exorcists.

So Lothringen's our next stop!

Another skit: I learn that this is Eleanor's second sale'tomah drink. The Abbey initiates their exorcists by drinking that stuff at the "welcoming festivities"!

Velvet calls it what it is: hazing. Good job, four for you, Velvet!

Magilou subtly teases Velvet for her loss of taste.

Laphicet tells Eleanor what Magilou meant. Velvet, with a smile on her face, forces Magilou to eat sale'tomah...hee...Laphicet smiles...

Skit: Eleanor wonders why people fight even though they'll lose. Bienfu and Eleanor discuss that.

Laphicet mentions Velvet, Rokurou, and Kurogane doing everything "illogical" to beat their targets.

Lots of the words "logical" and "illogical" being thrown around here...

Laphicet calls their determination "amazing." Magilou butts in again and asks Laphicet why she's traveling with them. Laphicet doesn't get what she means by that.

Eleanor laughs.

We meet up with the woman again in the village. She's heading to Lothringen, and mentions Zaveid, though not by name, who's meeting "friends" there. She thinks he has exorcist friends...

Looks like Zaveid knew we were coming.

We get directions to get to Lothringen from the woman, who also says the Abbey's strictly watching the place...

Outside Eleanor tells us where Lothringen is: beyond the Burnack Plateau.

Magilou: "If you're gonna set up an obvious trap, couldn't it at least be someplace more convenient?"

The guards are gone here, and we cross into the tunnel...

Laphicet has a lot on his mind.

Magilou thinks that men care about their toughness, "their street cred," in a way. Oh, Magilou. Rokurou's not denying that point. Even Eleanor agrees, noting that everyone has a reputation to keep.

We find a Katz Box in a dead end, and get another fashion accessory!