Tales of Berseria - Part 53: Preparation Before Southgand

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I play a skit: A Virtuous Spy.

Eleanor's looking around, sweating...

...and ponders about Velvet's left arm. A "mysterious weapon," she calls it, and sees it as a threat to the Abbey.

She talks about what she knows about the daemon arm. Meanwhile, Rokurou's walking by...

Eleanor notices the bandages covering up the arm aren't torn up...

Rokurou's looking at her suspiciously...

Everyone's suspicious of her. Eleanor examines Velvet's wardrobe next...she probably wears it as memorabilia...

Eleanor thinks she should sew her clothes...lol...

But she's afraid the Shepherd would "scold" her for being "fired up." Velvet comes to her, and Eleanor talks about fixing her clothes...Velvet's okay with that.

She notices Eleanor's sweating, and tells her "to take care of herself" if the weather changes...

Velvet tells Eleanor she'll catch a cold if she keeps sweating like that.

Velvet does care for Eleanor's hygiene and well-being. Eleanor's surprised at hearing such advice from her...

Eleanor: "We girls have to be considerate of each other..."

I save and talk to the nearby Bloodwing agent who rewards us for our code red hunts.

The bandit that we met in the ravine asks us where the Swordbreaker is...

Rokurou: "He's been dealt with."

Eleanor asks him what he's doing in the port. He changed his ways, and is heading to Loegres to start a restaurant for "bandit cuisine."

Eleanor hopes he does well, and "roots for [him]!"

One housewife's grateful that Shigure came along and stopped the Swordbreaker.

More people talk joyously about Legate Shigure, saying that the only injury he suffered was from his cat scratching him.

The local swordsmith calls Rokurou's Stormhowl "impressive." The swordsmith's a twenty-year "novice."

Laphicet's even shocked!

Rokurou says that a lot of swordsmiths have given up, saying swords aren't working anymore against daemons...unless an exorcist uses them.

Thanks to the Abbey, Cadnix Isle's weapon trade is prospering.

Checking the map, Islegand's southwest of Westgand...

The port's a shadow of its former self but its weapons are the best when it comes to quality...

In the inn, they're talking about the legend of the Swordbreaker...

We rest at the inn, where Rokurou's training super-hard, shirtless...

Velvet asks him why not train with two swords. He's always been training with one sword. "10,000 practice swings a day" since he was very young. He wants the perfect strike at his brother.

My goodness, he probably even trained that way in Titania too.

He's now deciding to do 100,000 a day!

Velvet tells him the mathematical impossibility of that. Rokurou'll only manage 86,400 swings a day at most if he does one swing a second. (I calculated that!) He then decides to do ten swings a second!

Velvet thinks that's going nowhere.

Rokurou points out that he's "defeating an undefeatable adversary."

Rokurou: "All I can do is recognize the fact, and give it my best shot."

Now he's getting tired...

Velvet tells him to sleep.

Velvet: "A lack of sleep will get you killed faster than a lack of practice." Good point.

Near where the Van Eltia's docked, there's another Katz!

After a few rounds of minigames, where I get more fashion prizes, I save and head down to the docks!

One of the pirates are in shock that Eizen and crew are in Islegand. Rumors have spread from the Bloodwings that the Abbey took care of them!

The pirate's not too comfortable with an exorcist aboard the Van Eltia. Eizen assures him he's got his eye on her.

Captain Aifread, on the other hand, would be excited having an exorcist aboard his ship, if he was on the ship...

Time to set sail!

Benwick thinks it's Eizen's Curse that got the party in Islegand.

Now we can sail to different continents! Yes!

Our only choices so far are Islegand and Southgand.

To Southgand we go!

On our way there, Kurogane and Dyle are talking to each other. Magilou's up and about. Eleanor and Velvet are looking at the sea on opposite sides of the ship.

Rokurou heads over to Dyle.

Benwick thinks that Velvet's ragtag crew is "more of a circus troupe." Benwick's fine with daemons aboard.

Benwick: "If you're aboard this ship of misfits, you're a pirate! That's just our creed. At least that's what the captain and first mate always say."

Laphicet asks Benwick what Aifread's like.

He compares his captain to being a "pointed beard" of the sea.

Benwick adds that everyone aboard the ship is "an outcast in some way."

Benwick: "Despite that, Captain Aifread accepted us for who we are and took us all on board."

Laphicet considers him "kind" for doing so. I think he has to be more open-minded, since the sea isn't.

Laphicet: (about Aifread) "Sounds like he's a little scary and hard to read..." Just like the sea.

In short, from Benwick's description of him, Van Aifread is the sea.

Laphicet compares his personality to Velvet.

Eizen comes up to deck and says to change course for Port Reneed. What?

Unfortunately, three crewmembers died from "corsair's scourge." Oh no...

Everyone is carrying "corsair's scourge..." All they can do now is drink more fresh water...

Magilou explains the symptoms, and starts another tall tale about where the disease came from.

Magilou: "Only humans fall prey to the corsair's scourge."

So Magilou may have it. She overdramatically narrates her end. Oh, Magilou...

Eleanor might have been infected too. Magilou asks why no one's worried about Magilou.

Velvet: (to Magilou) "You're a witch. Magic yourself healthy." Jeez, Velvet, hee...

Eleanor's curious to know what the "Reaper's Curse" is...

We head for rainy Port Reneed in south Westgand...