Tales of Berseria - Part 51: Kurogane's Workshop (Part 5-7)

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But Rokurou comes in and finishes the praetor off!

Rokurou: "There, now we're even, Eleanor."

Looks like Kurogane's forge paid off for him!

Magilou loves the "sinister" look of the shortswords...

Rokurou: "All that's left is to kill Shigure."
Kurogane: "With me as a witness." Kurogane's coming along, too, huh?

Velvet warns Eleanor again about her role as Laphicet's vessel.

Velvet opens her daemon arm. Eizen tells her to wait.

After a pause, Velvet decides that she's not that hungry...

Velvet orders Eleanor to fight the exorcists, but not to kill them...

Looks like Velvet knows where Eleanor's breaking point is at: fellow exorcists.

Velvet labels her virtuous, but Eizen points out that quality's how she's able to stay as Laphicet's vessel. He admires her determination to stay on her mission.

I go back to Kurogane's Workshop to get the chest there, which has a Worn Spear!

Now let's get out of these gloomy mine tunnels!

Hoo boy, I have to take the long way out of these tunnels...

...there's another sealed door up ahead! I'm guessing there's probably more candles to light to break this seal...

I light one, now for the rest....

Laphicet asks Rokurou about his Stormhowl about why Shigure called his a "reject."

Rokurou explains blacksmiths make a "whooole bunch" of copies, then they deliver their best-quality sword to their client.

Rokurou: "The head of my clan gets the 'real' Stormhowl, and his siblings get the remainders."

So Rokurou's the youngest sibling, and Shigure the eldest.

Laphicet accidentally offends Rokurou here with the "imitation" Stormhowl. He apologizes.

Rokurou smiles and tells Laphicet not to. He now knows why "he's so hung up on beating" Shigure. It's to prove who's the better Rangetsu...

Magilou now asks Velvet rhetorically about which Laphicet matters to her...

Eleanor stops by and asks what she's talking about. Laphicet sums it up for her. She's in shock!

Eleanor tries to deny it. Laphicet then asks Eleanor why Velvet "hates the Shepherd so much" other than the reason he gave her...

Magilou now asks her which truth "is real and which is the imitation?"

I backtrack to break a boulder and open a Katz box, getting a Water Normin Set for Laphicet!

I avoid the monsters here and get into the next tunnel. It's very huge!

Down the sloped path, I see another sealed door just ahead in the large area!

I traverse around the tunnel, and find a crawlspace...

...after crossing another crawlspace, I find the candle to break the seal on the door!

Now past the unsealed door, and up the path we go...

Laphicet asks Rokurou about his and Shigure's sword styles.

The Rangetsu school has two forms: a single greatsword for its primary, and notable style, with dual shortswords as the second.

Eleanor's also curious about how the second style is used to support the first. Rokurou tells her the dual shortsword style's meant as a sparring style, or a sparring partner, for learning the greatsword.

Eleanor asks why he holds back. It's because "Shigure is a true master."

Rokurou: "We trained together since we were small children. I was his sparring partner for ten years."

Eleanor looks down.

Rokurou: "His skill with the greatsword is godlike. So...in order to beat him, I took up the shortblades. To our school it might be secondary, but it's what I know best."

Eizen points out Rokurou's short reach.

Rokurou: "If I eliminate my fear I have a chance... I can step inside his guard...he'll have two times the trouble..."
Velvet: "Eliminating fear, huh? A style for someone who's lost his humanity."
Rokurou: (grins) "Right?"
Magilou: "It's like you two are the very swords you carry."

Magilou tells her tale about Stormhowl and Stormquell...

Magilou: "One, an exorcist who walks in the light. One, a daemon moving through the shadows. The only thing these two polar opposites want..."
Laphicet: "...is to cut down the other."
Magilou: "Precisely!"

Eleanor doesn't see any exorcist or daemon connection to those blades. It's a matter of whose will survives...

Now let's get out of here!

In one battle's end, Magilou has Laphicet read the expression on her guardian card...hee..

There's the way out! And a save point!

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