Tales of Berseria - Part 49: Tunneling Through

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After one battle, we make it to the other side!

We climb a long set of vines!

I reach the top! I turn west, where I see a Katz box on the edge of the cliff!

After getting a chest and getting roped into one battle, I jump back down and warp one area down, trying to find the last chest.

I see the final chest from above a bridge, but that passage is hard to get to...

I give up and head into the Vesper Tunnels.

Before heading in, I'm treated to another skit...

Magilou's thinking of a familiar name.

It's now Laphicet and Eleanor alone. Laphicet thanks her for what happend earlier. It's her job to protect people from daemons, but job or not, she'the still save the people anyway.

Velvet steps in, but Magilou found something out! It's her making another long tale about Stormquell...

In her tale, she calls the sword the God Blade, or is it?

She mentions a blacksmith called Kurogane, who wanted to craft a better sword to rival it: Stormquell. He tried plenty of times to make a sword worthy of the name Stormquell, but failed...

His grudge against the God Blade, according to Velvet, spans many centuries.

Eleanor's right to call it a tall tale, but Magilou tells them to be alert.

Rokurou mentions that the "God Blade" Kurogane wanted to beat was his family's heirloom: Stormhowl. Oh my god. No wonder why he calls that blade his life.

We're inside an old mining cave, the Vester Tunnels.

There's zombies here too, and they're not like the "friendly" ones in Titania!

There's also Armored Centipedes and a giant Rock Golem here too!

I battle some of them to fill up the enemy book.

These Zombies can slow us down with a spell!

The Rock Golems are slow, but are brutally strong, and are weak to artes!

Eleanor's animation of breaking the boulder is just putting her fists together and pounding that rock!

Crawling into a hole, I find another passage where I find a Slow Ward!

Velvet warns Laphicet again not to trust Eleanor, reminding him that malakhim are tools to exorcists. Remembering what the Shepherd said to Eleanor, I would have had my guard up too.

She reminds Laphicet that "[she's] number one and [Eleanor]'s number two." I laugh a bit at that sentence.

Laphicet repeats what she said.

Velvet almost says "I'm number one" again, but stops herself. Oh my god, Velvet...hee...

Into the next area, where we fight more Zombies!

The post-battle dialogue with Magilou, Eleanor, and Laphicet's a bit funny...

Expedition check: We get a recipe of Freshly Squeezed Normin Carrot Juice!

It seems there's a code red here in this tunnel too!

Theres a save point here, and another sealed door in front of it...

We head west, where we examine a small column. Velvet notices it's a candle. Laphicet mentions it's a ward to keep thieves away. We need to light the candle, and it'll open the door forward.

But as the game tells us, we might need to light more than one candle to break the door's seal.

We light the candle here, opening the first door!

I move forward to the center part of the tunnels...

After a battle, Laphicet gets curious on the functionality of her Assassin's Creed-esque blade. Magilou then comes up...poor Laphicet's in the middle of their banter...

We meet up with the White Turtlez again. He tells us where the port is, beyond more sealed doors!

We check out his wares, he's got Peach Gels now, meaning this game's getting serious!

After tons of equipment tinkering and selling, we head out!

We hear a duel going on...is it the Swordbreaker again?

No, someone's disarmed him!

Oh, there he is!!!

Tales of Berseria - Part 49a: Ouroboros

We break through another boulder north a den of monsters, revealing another crawlspace! I head in.

This is taking us to another code red daemon, huh?

I'm right, it's a big cobra!

I plan my strategy first before facing off against the code red daemon!

Now I have Velvet as main, I face off against the cobra, or the Ouroboros!

The monster also has three Armored Centipedes for help!

I should've switched out Magilou for Eizen! Dangit!

I get caught by the Ouroboros's Burly Spin!

I've got this guy on the ropes now!

Though he stuns Velvet, we finish him off!