Tales of Berseria - Part 48: Swordbreaker

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Another skit: Rokurou's practicing again (shirtless!) with his sword again. Laphicet points out that he's having fun with it.

Rokurou: "Well, I'm a yaksha."
Laphicet: "A yaksha... A spirit of war..."
Rokurou: "Yeah. A daemon that lives for combat."

Laphicet asks him if he's afraid of the Swordbreaker, or rather, if he's afraid of dying. Knowing Rokurou, he wants a fight with this guy.

Rokurou says a variant of the old cliche: "Not afraid to die, but afraid of being alive."

Rokurou: "Fighting is my life. It's all I want to do. So I fight. That's what living means to me." He smiles.

A swordsman is an athlete, after all...

Eleanor judges Rokurou harshly, saying under her breath "a daemon is going to be a daemon." That's one "loyal" opposing voice...

I speak to the brigand again, who says the ports at the end of the Vesper Tunnels at the east end of the ravine.

He's got more to say. The brigand decides to reform himself.

Magilou and Laphicet's interactions post-battle are a bit funny...Magilou's juggling her guardian cards and Laphicet's getting sleepy...

Tales of Berseria - Part 48a: Fighting A Flappy Bird Daemon

I head down to the south end of the ravine where another code red awaits!

I open a gold chest near where we fought the code red, which has a Chocolate Idol, which looks like a chocolate bar for a weapon!

It's a Horus, a more dangerous version of a Scaled Bird, and his Harpy friends!

Eleanor performs her Mystic Arte: Final Gale on one of the Harpies, taking care of her!

After finishing his minions, we turn to Horus!

I also get to use Switch Blasts for the first time, switching to Eizen then to Rokurou!

The Horus now unleashes Mantra, literally KO'ing Rokurou, along with Eizen!

The AI switches back to Velvet after I revive Eizen! Then I switch control back to Velvet, going into overdrive! Horus uses his Mantra again!!!

But with help from allies, we finish off the Horus!

We get new rewards such as Bamboo Paper (another weapon for Laphicet!) and a new ventite! This ventite shows how many unopened treasure chests there are in the area map!

The game gives me a pointer on the fatigue status...

After the battle, I take control of Eleanor this time...

Tales of Berseria - Part 48: Swordbreaker (continued)

Making it back from fighting the code red daemon, the minimap indicates there's three treasure chests here...

I see a nearby save point before a bridge, and save there before pressing on...

Crossing a bridge west of the save point, I see another warp point!

These monsters chasing us really want a fight!

I get a tutorial now, on Eleanor's Break Soul, or overdrive attack!

While idle or making combos with three souls or more, I can send enemies flying!

Eleanor can cast spells and use martial artes, but she's not a long range fighter, though.

A daemon with a suit of armor with a dark aura appears before us!

It's the Swordbreaker!

Rokurou knows what that sword is: Stormquell.

Velvet confirms that the enemy is a Swordbreaker.

Rokurou: "Not much for a conversation, are you?"
Magilou: "Silence, they say, is only commendable in an ox tongue dried and a maid not vendible!"

I meant to switch to Velvet, but I end up getting Eizen instead! Aaaagh!

No matter though, since Rokurou does the majority of the fighting at this point!

I switch control to Rokurou, who now has one soul on his gauge!

We take care of the Swordbreaker!

...Or not, as he gets up!

Rokurou, all smiles, takes charge. Here's his theme.

He taunts the daemon, and charges at him, and falls!

His daemon eye glows!

The Swordbreaker charges, but Laphicet fires at the Swordbreaker! Oops!

Rokurou goes after Laphicet! 😟

Eleanor and Velvet jump in!

Rokurou immediately calms down and says that he got "a bit riled up." Yeah, sure.

Crisis averted. I'm still shaking a bit from that moment when Rokurou was about to attack Laphicet...

The Swordbreaker runs away.

Eizen asks if he knew the Swordbreaker, but Rokurou knows the sword he's wielding.

Velvet wants to get to the port.

We get another potentite!

Well, that was quite a scare! Laphicet almost died! Naq na nqhygvfg fyhe sebz gur yvcf bs bar bs zl snirf...qnzzvg Ebxhebh!

But no time to waste, as I have two Witches pursuing me.

Before crossing the last bridge, Rokurou apologizes to Laphicet. Oh, you're going to need more than that!

Laphicet's worried about him...

Rokurou tells him that he'll warn him a bit more clearly when he wants to fight one-on-one. Laphicet asks if he's sure. Yes, he is.

He really wants to take care of this Shigure person on his own, and beat him in swordfighting.

Rokurou: "No matter how much it costs me...I'll pay it. Those feelings have been so central to me for so long... I lost my dang humanity somewhere along the way." I think I remember when we were at Hellawes that he lost his shame too.

Laphicet asks why he has to win against him. I'm always guessing it's for his "honor," or rather, as he says, his reason for becoming a daemon. It's more important to him than his own life...

Rokurou owes Laphicet one for saving him, though. He mentions that he won't do "a victory pose if [he's] dead."

Eleanor's still angry at him...she calls him a daemon. He's not ashamed to hide the fact that he's a "big ol' daemon."