Tales of Berseria - Part 45: Velvet vs. Eleanor

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It's still nighttime, and the foursome run out of the ruin!

There's Eleanor!

She apologizes for her disappearance. It turns out she was with the crew one moment and vanished the next.

Laphicet's inside Eleanor, still resting.

Velvet remembers Eleanor's duel proclamation from the earthpulse.

If Velvet loses her match, Eleanor takes care of Velvet.

It's one-on-one this time.

The duel begins!

Velvet starts the opening salvo.

Velvet: "I see you're not using Laphicet to help you fight."
Eleanor: "Of course! This duel is me vs. you."
Velvet: "Heh. I'd better not hear any excuses after your defeat then!"

I'm now learning how to guard properly in this fight!

She can cast spells too!

And I get a game over after getting stunned!

Take two: after eating mabo curry, we start!

More heart pounding action here!

The exorcist's health is now at a quarter!

Therionizing Velvet, she now has the exorcist on the ropes! Too bad she doesn't have enough power for a Mystic Arte!

Velvet: "We're done here."
Eleanor: "'Never let your guard down even when victorious!'"

She stops her spear before Velvet's neck!

Eleanor: "I know you can't kill me as long as I'm his vessel. I'm just abiding by the same terms."

She would've finished Velvet if she had won.

Velvet: "The Abbey's shaped you well...however!"

She disarms the exorcist and trips her!

Velvet repeats another maxim: "'Once your sword is drawn, never waver. Control your feelings to control the tide of battle!'"

Eleanor's shocked that Velvet knows the Shepherd's teachings. She tears up, calling herself a failure, knowing she's lost.

Eleanor: "I'll...I'll keep my word. I'll follow your orders. To the day I die!"

She pulls her spear closer to her...

Laphicet: "Don't!"

Eleanor stops moving, and falls.

She's in disbelief at what Laphicet did to her!

Laphicet pops out! Hello again, Laphicet!

Eizen points out her body's still adjusting to her bond with Laphicet...Magilou knows she'll have a fever and be out for a few days.

They're not going to carry her.

Rokurou suggests resting up for now.

Rokurou: "She's one of us now, isn't she? As long as she's Laphicet's vessel."

I get a Guardbreaker's Ventite!

I can now charge my break gauge while guarding! This means I get more chances to build up for a Mystic Arte!