Tales of Berseria - Part 42: Hello, My Name Is Velvet Crowe

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Reading a guide, there's supposed to be a Katz Box around here...

Expedition check: we get Frameless Glasses!

I suddenly realize something: the Shepherd's "birds" question to Eleanor from earlier is probably rhetorical.

I finally find the Katz Box! No rewards, oh well.

I almost forgot to put the music for this area, here it is!

I build the party up to level 20...

We make it to the top of the temple, before the door where the Shepherd is...

Rokurou stops to ask Velvet the Shepherd's fighting method. Velvet mentions his longsword in his left hand, and until recently, Seres, a fire malak. Now he has Innominat in her place.

Velvet's strategy is to have her companions "strain his [connection] to his malak," and then she'll eat his connection with her arm.

Laphicet's job is to keep her healthy.

Rokurou thinks her direct offense "isn't a bad plan," though Magilou knows there's a certain chance of death.

Laphicet's worried about her. Velvet orders him to do as she says.

Magilou: "So in the end, you're still just a tool to her. That hurts." ☹️

Guvf srryf yvxr tbvat vagb Nxmrevhgu, be snpvat gur Nofbecgvba Tngr'f obff...

Skit: The Flames of Hatred.

Bienfu's asking if Velvet's going to do the job.

Attacking him directly...hoo boy...

Laphicet mentions the Shepherd's sacrificial action.

Eizen and Rokurou know it too.

Magilou tells Bienfu not to call the Shepherd "lord" either.

Eizen tells Bienfu that he'll understand why eventually.

Magilou brings up her narrator side.

Magilou: "The fires of her hatred are all-consuming. Who will they burn in the end? Hmmm?"

Laphicet's not relieved.

Rokurou: "It's a dangerous path we walk, but a debt is a debt. Come along, Laphicet."

If it were me, I'd destroy the Shepherd's reputation first.

Velvet: "He's here."

But where's Eleanor?

After scavenging and saving, we head through the large doors...I breathe.

Another set of doors to open...

There's the symbol of Innominat above, and the Shepherd sitting on the ground, praying before the throne.

Velvet: "Artorius!"
Shepherd: "Daemons and malakhim. Unlikely companions to say the least."
Velvet: "Seres is here, too. In my stomach."
Shepherd: "So, you chose to be a mother bird, Seres."

He gets up.

Velvet: "Things will be different this time! I will have my revenge... Revenge for Laphicet!"

The malak Laphicet notices, but turns to the Shepherd.

The Shepherd drives the sheath in to the ground and draws his sword...

A blue aura surrounds him...


We fight!

Unfortunately, we can't damage him!

Rokurou: "So this is the Shepherd's style!"
Magilou: "Boy howdy, are we dead!"
Eizen: "But he has no malakhim!"
Velvet: "Remember the plan!"
Laphicet: "R-Right!"

I go into overdrive immediately!

We do little damage to him now, he guards well.

And he can do a one-armed fiery spin of his sword!

Now the Shepherd performs his Mystic Arte on Velvet!

Velvet falls down, Laphicet heals her, and she gets up!

That man dodges very quickly! Velvet's easy to telegraph!

Oh my god!

Velvet quotes the fourth maxim.

The Shepherd moves away quickly!

Laphicet heals her once more, and the Shepherd recites the maxim by heart.

Now he unleashes his full power!

aid me innominat

Shepherd: "Aid me, Innominat!"

Rokurou: "His wounds have vanished!"
Eizen: "Such power... Is it really!?"

Oh my god!

Magilou calls it for what it is: "cheating".

While healing Velvet, Laphicet's eyes widen at the sight of Innominat...

velvet surprise

Velvet: "I remember you... that night... that terrible night..." Oh no...what did she see?

The force of his power pushes the party away!

Laphicet advises they should retreat!

He's right.

Teresa: "You won't escape this time!"

Oh dangit, reinforcements!


Oscar, Eleanor, Melchior, and Teresa come to the Shepherd's aid!

Magilou looks at Melchior. By the look on Magilou's face, it seems they have a history.

Oscar apologizes to the Shepherd, thinking "Master Shigure" was there protecting him.

Rokurou reacts to hearing Shigure's name.

The Shepherd tells Oscar he's out for training, and adds that Shigure would have wanted to take care of him too. What!?

Rokurou: "Same as ever."

Melchior speaks.

Melchior: "[Shigure] thinks of only himself. Look what happened with Aifread."

Eizen confirms it. That big, elderly man with the monocle is Melchior.

Velvet struggles to get to her feet.

Velvet: "The one who most wants to spill your blood...is me!!!"

Teresa tells the Shepherd to step aside and have her handle this.

Velvet tries to go after him. No dice.

Laphicet: "Why? Doesn't it hurt? Aren't you in pain? Why Velvet? Why do you go on fighting?"
Velvet: "Because...Laphicet [her brother] knew so much more pain than I ever will...And still, I...couldn't do anything for him..."


Velvet: "I'm sorry...I'm sorry..."

What did she see? What did Innominat look like?

Laphicet cries. Eleanor looks to the side (regretful?).

Teresa now faces against Laphicet, punishing him for "colluding with daemons."

She orders him to take both his and Velvet's life. Oh my god...

Laphicet: "...No."

She tortures him!

Laphicet's done with Teresa!

The crest of Innominat is shining once more...

Laphicet: "I don't want Velvet to die!!!"

Laphicet breaks free from Teresa's torture! She's blown away by the shockwave!

A portal, a tear in space that looks like the Eye of Sauron, appears!

Eizen and Rokurou take Laphicet and Velvet! Magilou tags along!

Eleanor runs after them, and gets sucked in!

Melchior fires an energy ball into the portal...

Oscar goes to his sister.

Melchior's fascinated at what he saw.

Melchior: "Innominat's power reacting with the earthpulse. Extraordinary."

Shepherd: "I begin to see...Still...giving your brother's name to a malak. You've strayed so far..."