Tales of Berseria - Part 40: Journey to the Empyrean's Throne/Part 40a: Code Red Daemon In the Sewers

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Aside: It seems that I missed the code red daemon in the sewers. Dangit!

Another aside: Also, while browsing through tumblr to look for some Berseria stuff, namely a gif of Velvet doing her "coo, coo" dove trick, I might have accidentally caught a few glimpses of some spoilers. Hopefully, I forget those!

Expedition check: I get a new recipe!

I look around town to see any ramifications after what happened last night in-game...

The maid's now talking to her idol, the musician!

A merchant knows our party from the dove trick we did at the entrance!

Magilou: "Magilou's Menagerie. Get it right, or pay the price!"

The merchant asks if we could perform in the port on the next day...oooh!

He also wants to see Velvet "coo" or act like a dove again. No. Way.

The merchant gets insistent but Magilou steps in saying that her apprentice "might show him a special trick she's been wanting to practice. One where she makes him 'disappear'." Eeeeee....

He thinks it's fun, and wants to do it. Magilou turns serious, warning him he might not make it back...

There's more guards up and about...

Another citizen mentions Gideon got injured, with the church putting up a really good cover story. Other rumors are spreading the real story...that people came in and attacked him...her daughter's still in awe of him. Velvet calls it "a terrible rumor." Her son vows that if any "bad guys" come he'll defend his family.

Magilou, Velvet, and Rokurou huddle, knowing that the church's covered up the truth.

Meanwhile, a girl's walk with her new dog didn't go so smoothly. Her father assures her that if she practices, the dog can be trained. She's determined to have that happen.

Nobles are talking about what happened last night in game. Abbey's covered it up real well with "just thieves."

The clergy's now trying to cover it up with silence, with the Abbey ordering an inside investigation, just to keep Gideon's reputation intact.

And I learn Magilou can understand and communicate with dogs. "Witchery 101," she says. Laphicet asks for a translation from the white dog we talked to.

Laphicet: "Sorry boy, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there."

I talk to the white dog again. Magilou translates that he's teaching a math problem.

We head to the square to talk to more dogs. Magilou seems to understand them. This dog's complaining that they never get any sleep. A lot of people pet them.

Magilou: "As you can see, she has a lot of criticism for the systematic injustices practiced by a hypocritical and tyrannical human society." That dog is really relatable.

Rokurou: "That is one astute doggy."

The dog goes on to empower himself with motivational mantras...

I have Magilou be leader. Her response: "Why certainly!"

Off to the cathedral!

We can head into the sewers, thank goodness, but we can't get into the villa. Meaning, we can fight the code red daemon below, yes!

A girl wants to see the ocean but she's told no because daemons are on the highway. The girl reminds Velvet of her brother...

Now a few nobles are onto the cat-loving priest after seeing droppings in the garden...

Inside the cathedral, a girl's confessing...

A priest mentions that the High Priest Gideon won't be holding services because he's ill...lies...

We go to that priest again with Magilou in tow...

She's now told to confess...

...and she starts using her charms on the priest! Lol! She says that she heard her "charms" in a romance novel! She asks for forgiveness for "not putting herself to better use."

The priest knows she's lying...

Magilou digs deeper.

Magilou: "Oh no! I meant to confess my sins, but instead my confession was another sin!" Lol, she is so bad...

The priest refuses to forgive her. Well, at least she spotted the flaws of the Empyrean Church very quickly.

The soldiers explain that they're beefing up security because of what happened at the palace.

One shrewd merchant in town's moved by that man's speech. The Shepherd's speech is inspiring him to make more profit. He plans to sell chalices near the Throne! It's not going to end well for him...

A dog's whining. Magilou translates that the dog's not happy with humans "consorting" with cats...the dog feels betrayed. Poor dog...

A soldier and townsperson are vowing to help the Shepherd at all costs...

A boy wonders if dogs can catch daemonblight. From what I've seen, they might.

One sailor's bummed out that he can't get Nectar anymore. Eizen tells him it's got vermillion ore, and he curses at him too. The sailor now vows to get back to work. He's still experiencing withdrawal symptoms, though...

A Bloodwing disguised as a soldier wishes us safe travels.

With that, we're off!

On the bridge, Laphicet's a bit unsettled. Rokurou notices.

Laphicet points out the structure of the party. Rokurou: "daemon swordsman", Eizen: "cursed malak", Magilou: "bizarre witch."

Laphicet feels like he's out of place in the world.

Magilou steps in again, calling him "Velvet's tool and emergency rations."

Laphicet points out Teresa called him that too. ☹️

Rokurou tells Laphicet that only he can decide what his place in the world is.

Laphicet's still trying to get used to the idea of being free...

He thanks Eizen and Rokurou for their advice.

Magilou warns Laphicet to be careful where he's getting advice from.

Expedition check: we get a Fantastic Landscape painting!

Eizen's impressed by the art!

Rokurou asks why there's a castle in the sky in the painting. Eizen goes into art appreciation mode, mentioning the "Belformanism" movement.

Rokurou's still troubled by how that castle in the sky can operate and "wonders what the heck's going on in that painting." Eizen tells him it's that way because the artist painted it that way. The dialogue's a bit funny...but the scenery is very nice...

Aside: Their dialogue with the painting reminded me of Freddie Mercury's answer to people asking him about the meaning of "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Back at the port!

After tons of business with the weapon shop, we go to the inn, where news of Hellawes and Vortigern had spread to the Hellawes local there.

Outside, the port boy's amazed at the Van EltVan Valvali...

I do some more Katz minigames and talk to more people...

One's mentioned the warehouse fire, and thanks Eleanor for directing attention to put it out.

Now we talk to one of the pirates. The pirates are still scouting the northern road and temple. We decide to rest up for a bit.

It's the sunset before facing that man. It feels like the final battle's approaching...

I now have control of Velvet.

Scouts are taking longer than usual. Security must be really tight.

Rokurou and Dyle are talking about drinks, Illiagne Red...Rokurou thinks Rucarella cheese would compliment Illiagne Red. Oh my god, Rokurou...

Velvet's line takes the cake: "Wow, talk about oblivious."

Rokurou now asks Dyle if he could test his blade on his tail...Dyle's not having that...

Temple's built, but not open yet.

There's a mother who tries to fry squid, but it explodes in her face...

Benwick and Eizen talk about their next move. They sail the moment their scouts come back, not leaving anything to chance.

Eizen expects that the scouts haven't come back, and thinks of a plan B.

In the inn, more talk about Vortigern and Hellawes, assuming Aifread's crew did it.

A guy who's sort of familiar to me is sitting at the bar.

???: "Well, my belly is full, so I guess it's time to get started." For what?

There's a merchant whose business is ruined because of what happened at Hellawes...poor him.

Outside, Benwick tells us to “take good care of [Eizen],” mentioning his explosive personality.

Magilou's sitting under the shade, talking to Bienfu, mentioning an apple. Velvet hears that...Magilou sees her and tells Velvet to crow like a rooster if she wants it. But Velvet cuts her off.

Bienfu asks Magilou if she's going to fight that man as well, doubting the chances.

Magilou always treats Bienfu like her plaything. Poor Bienfu...

From overhearing a talk, I learn that the world the game takes place in is called Desolation.

Expedition check: we get a Chunky Potato Salad recipe!

laphicet apple

We talk to Laphicet, who has apples from Magilou. She asks him if it tastes good. He can taste it. He offers her one. She can't taste it...

Laphicet confesses that he's afraid of the sea, but he's awed and excited by it too. She mentions her brother and his love of the sea too.

Velvet: "Your way of looking at the world is so much like his...I wish I wish I'd bought him that compass. I wish we could've traveled together. Like he wanted." ☹️

I'm betting she's letting herself down again for not being a better sister...

And the scouts have returned!

Velvet tells Laphicet he doesn't have to go along with her for her revenge...

Laphicet decides to go with her.

Everyone's huddled by the front gate.

Eizen and Benwick mention a man with a pendulum, and that he took care of the guards in a jiffy! Eizen runs off.

Rokurou reports that exorcists have been attacked by a malak wielding a pendulum. (Wait a minute, is the guy sitting at the bar that I just saw earlier that same person?)

Velvet asks if he also took Aifread too. Magilou sings that "their key," the malak, is running away.

Velvet decides to pursue him.

Magilou: "Pandemonium! My favorite! Eizen sure picked an inconvenient time to run off though, didn't he?!"
Velvet: "Can't blame him. He's got his own purpose."

Benwick explains the situation about the malak, even the scouts are in shock and warn us to be careful!

We exit to the northern gate. It's nightfall now.

I do more weapon customization at the nearby Turtlez weapon shop, and save.

Magilou and Velvet's victory exchanges are a bit funny...

I do some more level grinding, also building up Laphicet's cooking skills...

There's Eizen and that guy at the port bar!

So that's the guy with the pendulum Eizen and the crew were looking for!

The pendulum guy compliments Eizen's moves!

???: "A buddy of Aifread's? Oh, this'll be too good."

Eizen assumes this is the guy that took his captain.

Velvet and crew now propose to team up with him. He doesn't buy it.

Eizen and the pendulum guy tell her to stay out. Velvet decides to fight them both! Everyone else is in shock!

Looks like we're fighting both of them!

Why is it that whenever one of our allies is the enemy they're more stronger than usual?

Rokurou: "Why does it have to be like this?" I feel you. Magilou tells Rokurou to be quiet and help Velvet.

I have Rokurou target the other malak.


We finally beat them both.

Now the other guy asks what we'll do after we punch through the barrier. He knocks on the barrier as if it were a door...

Velvet plainly tells him her task.

The pendulum guy winks and asks us what we want from him.

Bienfu is summoned. Bienfu, Eizen, Laphicet, and the pendulum guy stand before the barrier...

Laphicet touches the barrier and shatters it!

The pendulum-wielding malak walks away, expecting to see a good show. Seems like he's no friend of the Abbey. Eizen tries to ask him more questions. Nope.

???: "If you persist, one of us will end up dead."
Eizen: "Who are you? Tell me."

zaveid the whirlwind

Zaveid: "Zaveid the Whirlwind. A fighter, nothing more." I knew it! That guy did look familiar!

Aside: (ciphered for spoilers) V unir abg cynlrq Mrfgvevn, ohg V qb xabj n ybg bs fcbvyref nobhg gung tnzr. Mnirvq vf va gung tnzr.

He smiles, shrugs, and walks away.

Velvet tells Eizen that she's not stopping him from leaving the party. He's staying because he wants more info from Melchior.

Velvet: "Could've saved you a lot of trouble if you'd listened to me from the start."
Eizen: "If I had good judgment, I wouldn't be where I am in the first place."

Eizen is a stubborn one...

Just like how Eizen called Velvet a "fool" back at the bar in Loegres, Velvet calls him a "fool."

We get a Smoldering Glacite and an Armory Acerite 1!

Skit: Laphicet apologizes to Eizen for fighting him. He jokes that he hates him "till he reaches his grave" though. Oh my god, Eizen.

He gives Laphicet more advice.

Eizen: "And if your choice leads to killing me, I won't complain." 😢

He also mentions that their choices would lead to him killing us off... ☹️

Eizen's getting "riled up" about Zaveid...looks like Batman pirate's met his Joker...

We examine the guards.

Velvet: "They're all alive, but unconscious."
Eizen: "A fighter, not a killer, huh?"

Wandering around the highway, it turns out the way to the south leads to the road before Galles...

After a bit more exploring and battles, I save before the way to the Empyrean's Throne...

Tales of Berseria - Part 40a: Code Red Daemon In the Sewers

Aside: I did this hunt before heading into the port.

But I turn back and head into the sewers to face off against the code red daemon!

It's the Pillbug, and he makes a really unsettling noise...

This guy's a really tough one, though weak to wind and hidden artes...

I switch to Velvet, and span wind artes and Shell Splitter on the daemon...

We eventually beat him and win an Elemental Dispersing Glacite!

I get more pointers on status ailments and switching party members...

After saving, we go back to the city and get our ree-ward!

We sell more materials, and I realize just now that we have a Rough Gemstone worth 21,700!!