Tales of Berseria - Part 38: The End of High Priest Gideon

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Expedition check: we get a mini-Lloyd figure!

Velvet: "So not even the High Priest is immune to daemonblight."
Magilou: (serious) "I guess he hit his limit."

That's one mild way of putting it...

We climb down more stairs.

Down the final set of stairs, we hear Gideon's lizard roar!

But between stairs, we see a Katz box! Rescuing the Katz gives us Left Swept Bangs!

Velvet's in shock!

A giant griffin's pecking and eating out Gideon! Ugh...

...and Gideon turns back into a human!

Eleanor's also in shock, seeing a giant griffin in the villa!

The griffin tries to fly away, but the mana lasers prevent him from doing so...

Eizen points out the lasers as an arte barrier of sorts...

Rokurou's also in shock at the griffin being locked in the villa.

Velvet remembers the barrier from Titania...

Magilou points out we indirectly took care of the High Priest. Thus, the crew's job is done.

Velvet and crew try to leave, but there's someone blocking their exit!

Eleanor, spear out, is in shock and anger. She asks about the high priest and the griffin daemon.

Velvet don't know and Velvet don't care.

Velvet walks to her, stopping at the edge of Eleanor's spear. Oh no...what is she going to do to her?

Eleanor stands down, and drops to her knees, crying.

Eleanor: "Who are you? Who are you, people?"

We're back outside the cathedral.

Rokurou: "That was some night, though."
Eizen: "Stay sharp. Dawn hasn't come yet."

The scarfed soldier asks us about the job. It's done.

On the way back, Rokurou asks Magilou how she "stole" the malak. Bienfu was originally her malak. Bienfu did have a right to run from her, though.

So Eleanor treated Bienfu more nicer, and that's how he stayed with her...

Velvet thinks she's an exorcist. Magilou buzzes and says she's a witch. What's the difference?

Rokurou tells Velvet to let it go. Yep, Magilou is a troll.

We save, scavenge for Katz spirits and materials, and head into the tavern.

What a night indeed!