Tales of Berseria - Part 33d: The Second Code Red Daemon

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Aside: I did this part before heading to the port to do the Red Crates Job.

On a dare, I decide to face off against the code red daemon!

The code red daemon is an Orc Kong! He does look like a clothed King Kong with a fancy axe...

Rokurou: "Look at the size of that axe!"
Velvet: "Watch yourselves. This guy means business!"
Rokurou: "I know, I know! Training isn't worthwhile if you get killed while doing it."

We corner the monster...

...until he uses his Break Soul attack: Royal Majesty, bumping the entire party backwards, lowering our defense, and nearly KO'ing us!

I switch the party's strategy to defense and healing!

This guy's also quick at spellcasting as well, using Grave on Rokurou!

With me controlling Rokurou, I nearly finish off the code red daemon, until he swings his axe repeatedly again and casts another spell!

I switch to Eizen before reviving Rokurou and landing the final blow!

Rokurou: "It was a close one. But I am the victor." Indeed! That was close!

Another skit after the battle: Rokurou calls the code red daemon a "pretty strong" opponent. Velvet knows the code red was training for everyone, plus Rokurou's payment for his "debt" to Velvet.

Eizen asks about the debt Rokurou has to repay. It's for Velvet helping him find Stormhowl. Rokurou points out again that Stormhowl is his "life." I hope he doesn't mean that literally...

Rokurou: (smiles) "Also, she broke me free from a 500 year prison sentence." 500 years!? What the heck did he do to deserve that sentence!?

Eizen: "You say that like it's an afterthought."

It's also the reason why Velvet doesn't trust Rokurou fully. Velvet's smart.

But Rokurou points out his clan's best qualities: "Us Rangetsu men are renowned for out sense of duty and commitment."

Rangetsu, to Laphicet, Velvet, and Eizen, is an atypical surname.

Eizen knows that the clan uses "unconventional swords and fighting styles." Interesting...

Rokurou explains that his ancestor came from a distant land, and was taken in by a rich family.

And now, the Rangetsu clan's well-known for very shadowy jobs, for being "bodyguards, assassins, spies, body doubles..."

And they are super-devoted to their line of work...

Rokurou recites his ancestor's core saying: "Always return that which you've borrowed even if you must repay it with your life." For a laid-back person, he is a traditionalist deep down.

Rokurou then points out that four of his five other brothers are dead. ☹️

It's only him and this Shigure person that's left in his clan.

They really are super-devoted to their line of work.

Lucky he's still on our side!

I'm guessing right now this Shigure person must also be honor-bound by the Abbey to serve them...

I also noticed just now the Library menu has a new submenu: Code Red Hunts.