Tales of Berseria - Part 33a: The Missing Man In Galles Lake Road (Part 1)

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A Bloodwing Agent comes to greet us outside the city.

She mentions "code red" daemons to the party and asks us to take care of them. We get a bounty reward in return for our services.

The Abbey only takes care of situations like these if the benefits outweigh the losses.

But, the Bloodwing Agent mentions that these daemons might have connections to someone or that a person's lost someone to said code red daemons.

Code red daemons aren't called the most wanted for nothing. The Bloodwings also have info on them for that reason.

Velvet takes the job, but won't make any promises. No formal contracts are filed, since the Bloodwings know code reds are a walking death sentence. The agent gives us something to help us.

Velvet points out the obvious: the Bloodwings, in a way, are sort of like the Dark Brotherhood.

Rokurou's happy he's getting paid for a job that he likes: "fighting formidable foes!"

Velvet warns everyone (and I'm thinking the player, as well), again not to come unprepared fighting code reds.

The agent gave us an Inoph Bottle!


Rokurou: "Hey, Laphicet!"
Laphicet: "What is it, Rokurou?"
Rokurou: "Mabo curry."

Laphicet's stomach growls. Laphicet likes it. Rokurou asks if malakhim have their favorite foods.

Eizen says like humans or daemons, they do. He likes drinks. Rokurou also loves drinks and candied, fried yams. I'm liking Rokurou a bit more now. He has a sweet tooth, like me.

The Abbey's immigration process is super stringent...it takes half a year plus background checks...then the people who went through them say that it was worth it just to get to Loegres. *smh*