Tales of Berseria - Part 32: Tavern of the Baskervilles

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More talking with citizens, a praetor mentions that he had resonance and joined the Abbey. Velvet, in her head, asks if he's well aware of the price of that power...

Opening another gold chest, we get a Plain Pendant...

From an exorcist, it seems that Melchior and Artorius planned everything for ten years, and this is their plan in its fruition.

One person's not too comfortable about malakhim, fearing they might end up becoming daemons...the exorcists reassure him. Eeee...I'm more creeped out by the exorcists ordering malakhim to speak "unless ordered to."

In an alley, some people mention the mystery of Artorius's past. He just came out of nowhere with malak, took care of daemons, and had exorcists join him. Velvet knows the dodginess of that story.

But Midgand, out of desperation, since it was becoming overrun with daemons, gave all powers to him. Velvet's thinking this is his way of gaining power. That's how dictators usually form. The populace, desperate for a strongman, or in this case, someone who could take care of daemons, got behind him and gave him power, and he used it against the populace or rather the whole world.

But, as the locals say, he's working super hard "to death" to rebuild Midgand and the royal family's reputation. No corrupt motives.

The conclusion they reach is that he has no other reasons, but to "save the world."

Expedition check: We get a new recipe, yes!

We head into the tavern. Only a bartender and a woman in black's there...

Velvet asks the bartender food for Laphicet. They offer their best mabo curry. Mmmm...

Velvet asks for Baskerville. He's been executed... ☹️

Now everyone's at the bar...

Laphicet's enjoying the mabo curry. Velvet can't taste it... ☹️

The woman in black asks Velvet if Laphicet the malak's her brother. In another time...

The woman mentions that Velvet's real brother was murdered. What!? How'd she...

Woman in black: "The shadows watch those who flinch from the light."

With that, Eizen knows the guild's still up and running.

So the woman in black is the contact for the shadow guild. Velvet asks for Artorius's next plans. The shadow guild asks for a "not so cheap" price, as how guilds like these usually work. I'm reminded of the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood here...

The woman gives Velvet some jobs to do, ("not one remotely legal") all of them fit for that organization. She tells her to take all of them...

I'm now given three choices: Destroy goods, search for a missing man, or foil an ambush. Hmmm...

I take on the second job. Mendi is the missing man, last seen along the Galles Lake Road.

She hands out forged document papers to Velvet under "Magilou's Menagerie." Velvet's not impressed. The woman in black knows about their escapade at the front gate too, huh?

As always, should the job fail, the secretary, or in this case, the woman in black, will disavow any knowledge of our actions.

She gives us a free night at the tavern.

Rokurou and Eizen are drinking to their heart's content. Oh my god, these guys...

Eizen now asks the woman in black about Aifread. She promises to give him updated info on him for free.

Eizen mentions a pendulum (pbhyq Qrmry or va guvf tnzr?) and Velvet's info to her.

Rokurou and Eizen drink some more.

Eizen asks Rokurou why he's teaming up with her. To repay his debt to Velvet.

Eizen considers a daemon repaying a debt "ridiculous," like the idea of a pirate malak.

Rokurou: "No matter how you look at it, there's nothing 'reasonable' about our rogue existence. And in this brave new world governed by reason, a rogue can either rage and become a monster like me, or..."
Eizen: "Or band together with others like a shipful or pirates, perhaps."
Rokurou: "Exactly. I admire Velvet's courage, squaring off against the whole world on her own. Few can accomplish that. It takes [...] real strength. And I'm curious where it comes from."

Rokurou's doing this for himself. So's Eizen.

Eizen: "I need allies [...] to combat this so-called order imposed by the Abbey. But anyone who's willing to put up with the 'creed' folly of Aifread's pirates has to be an even bigger fool than we are."

Oh, Eizen. She wants vengeance. Inigo Montoya, then, in Eizen's eyes, would be a fool.

Aside: But, metawise, there's something interesting and exciting about reading or playing vengeance stories, imo. Probably that's the reason why this game's very engaging so far...

Eizen calls the "foolishness" label a "compliment."

Eizen: "[Aifread] flies his fool flag proudly."

Rokurou and Eizen drink each other's drinks.

Magilou on the roof now. She mentions that "Artorius has got the populace eating from the palm of his hand."

She now talks like a narrator. I'm betting that Magilou's the informant for the shadow guild. That's how the woman in black knew about Velvet's brother's death.

Magilou: "Just how deeply will the fangs of this would-be tragic heroine scar this broken world of ours?"

She sees this as a good show to watch.

I quick save here since I want to see that cutscene again. I think I might've missed a few things.