Tales of Berseria - Part 30: The Road to Loegres

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The game introduces us to back attacks and first strikes, along with a "perilous encounter" or a "linked battle," if I encounter two or more enemies on the field at once...

Skit: Rokurou and Velvet ask Magilou why she came back with them. For kicks, according to her.

The "traitor" she's looking for left town again.

Velvet asks if she could use her magic. No dice.

She needs her "backstabbing slippery assistant" for that. Rokurou rightfully calls her a "con artist." She resents that label.

Rokurou asks if she "has a home to return to." Nope, she says, smiling.

Laphicet feels sorry for her. It's the first time he's ever felt pity for someone...

And there's a save point!

Danaan Highway's the picture of perfect spring scenery, with tons of tall grass and blooming flowers. It really makes me wish I could take screencaps in this game. Here's the music for it.

While fighting a bunch of Snakes, Velvet unleashes her Mystic Arte for the first time!

Eizen also unleashes his Mystic Arte at another battle with Gibbons!

We're also getting new weapons and equipment fighting these monsters!

And I unlock Rokurou's Mystic Arte!

After a few battles, our expedition has returned! We get a new recipe: a Fresh Fish Pirate Platter!

We take the eastern way...

Crossing a bridge, Laphicet is amazed at the giant walls of Loegres. Magilou points out the ugly truth about how those walls were built.

Laphicet did go there, but it's the first time he's seen Loegres as a free malak...poor him. Malakhim bound to exorcists weren't even allowed to take in and enjoy their surroundings... ☹️

Magilou's smiling when she says that "[the party] will lose that freedom" too. How much does she know? I think I changed my mind about Rokurou being the traitor. I'm more suspicious of Magilou.

She points out there's a lot of Abbey forces. "[No] place for a collection of villains like them," indeed.

There's a lot of people outside the gates wanting to get in for the ceremony...

Guards are blocking the way to the Galles Lake Road. That's probably where the code red daemon is, I'm thinking.

I explore some more, and see some tents pitched up...the road forward leads to the Aldina Plains, where there's a travel ban in place going there.

"Trust in the wisdom of the Abbey," one soldier says to a peddler trying to pass through. they even call those settlements there "few." My god...

And on the way back, I get my first dangerous encounter!

I open another Katz box, and get a Top Hat as a prize!

More exploring...

Now we come across a very stringent inspection. Eizen tells everyone to act natural.

Rokurou sees Velvet's tense. She knows it.

The guard notices Velvet!