Tales of Berseria - Part 28: A New Name

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Benwick praises their dramatic entrance.

Magilou asks the child to "thank [his] savior for cannonballing..." Magilou was playing around with the cannons...

Malak child: "I'm sorry."
Velvet: "If it's that important to you, keep it safe. You wouldn't want to lose it again."

Eizen asks for the compass. Nope. The malak child now has to read it. He's glad!

Eizen threatens him with the sharks if he makes one wrong reading. Jeez, Eizen...tight ship indeed.

Velvet smiles.

Velvet: "Better work hard."

Malak child: "What's 'Laphicet'?"
Velvet: "It's a name. Your name."
Laphicet: "My...my name? Laphicet."
Rokurou: "It's a fine name."
Magilou: "Well, it's no Magilou."
Eizen: "We're through the channel. Give us a course, Laphicet."
Laphicet: "Aye-aye, sir! We're headed straight for Loegres!" He points to the direction of the capital.

We finally get a new name for the malak child: Laphicet!! Yes!!

We now make port at Midgand.

Rokurou: "Now this is refreshing. Sailing into port like normal people."

Magilou says to Laphicet the sharks are going to go hungry tonight. Be quiet, Magilou.

The man at port asks Eizen about his seafaring exploits. He does so. The man at port's glad to hear that. He's probably with the crew too.

The man at port thinks the Captain got locked up in Titania again. Velvet broods at the name.

The man at port's registered the Van Eltia as a merchant ship to the Abbey. He also mentions a ceremony. He warns us to be on alert.

So the man at port's one of the Aifread crew's informants, and the "info for mooring" helps keep the merchants updated, says Velvet.

Rokurou thinks that the Aifread crew have very deep pockets.

Magilou: "Not even the Abbey's iron decrees can withstand the force of human greed." Hey, that almost rhymed!

Velvet tells Eizen to not bother looking for his captain in Titania. She mentions what she heard in the prison about Van Aifread...

Laphicet explains about "Lord" Melchior, an Abbey elder legate in the capital. Velvet tells him not to call him Lord.

Eizen confirms Aifread is his captain, and points out that his disappearance might be connected with the Abbey. Is Aifread part of the Abbey's plan to draw out the rest of the crew, like with what Teresa did with Magilou?

Their HQ is in a "royal villa." Hmmm...

We're at Port Zekson, the Crossroads of Commerce.

Eizen tells us the old ship that we stole from Hellawes is now a scout ship for the Van Eltia. Benwick's in charge of her.

We climb up the stairs to town and save here.