Tales of Berseria - Part 26: Entering Vortigern, Sea Gate Fortress

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Holy heck! More daemon guards have taken down exorcists!

Rokurou asks jokingly if Eizen's the daemonblight carrier.

Just the carrier of bad luck, Eizen says.

Eizen: "This is what it means to walk with the reaper. You've only yourselves to blame."

Velvet thinks it's a plus for the party since the Midgand forces in the Gate are now in disarray...

Velvet asks Eizen how to open the Gate. He points out the controls are on the higher floors of the gate.

Here's the music for Vortigern. It sounds grand.

I check the map. Vortigern spans between Northgand and Westgand.

New monsters: the Wraiths here are spellcasters, and the Wall Men.

Heading outside, there's a lone Midgand battleship.

Another skit: Rokurou's shocked at the huge span and size of the fortress!

Eizen points out that malakhim were used to build it from the base down...oh my god...

Rokurou: "If malakhim can be made to fell daemons, they can also be made a hammer to forge metal."
Velvet: "It's another way the Abbey and the kingdom show their dominance to the people. It says, 'Do not resist. Submit.'"
Eizen: "It's disgusting is what it is."
Malak child: "Disgusting."
Velvet: "Agreed."

This tale has gotten bigger than just a personal vendetta...

My god, the size of this fortress! And to think all of this nearly took three years to build...but at the backs of malakhim.

They make it to another armory.

Eizen punches out a guard!

He goes to a nearby set of doors, and says it's bolted and locked. No problem for Velvet, though. Eizen gracefully moves aside.

It doesn't work.

The guard gets up again! Velvet asks where the key is. The guard's not telling, saying he's not falling to "petty daemons."

Eizen: "There's nothing I hate more than someone else trying to control the direction of my life. My wheel is mine to hold."

He slowly walks over to him.

Eizen: "If I'm not the one steering the ship, then I'm not truly alive."

Oh dear, what's he going to do?

The guard's not budging. Eizen side punches him and pins him to the wall...oh boy...he tortures him... :(

The guard tells him where the key is easily. Eizen asks where the battleship is. He tells him.

The malak child looks pretty shocked...

Velvet thanks Eizen for that.

So which way first? The control room to open the gate, or the battleship? I'm thinking battleship first.

Another skit: Rokurou compliments Eizen's fighting style. He asks if he uses swords. He doesn't. To him, that's more bad luck.

Eizen explains that he's even broken swords by just taking it out of the sheath!

So that's why he fight with his fists.

Rokurou wishes he could spar with Eizen if he were a swordsman...

They then declare a challenge to each other: sword vs curse. They accept it anytime.

I call up another skit between Rokurou and Eizen: about their plan to infiltrate the fortress.

Velvet also comes in.

So the Royal Army has exorcists as commanders, and everyone else as soldiers, huh?

In reality, that man is the one in charge. It always goes back to him...

So the Abbey deals with "security and defense" while the Midgand soldiers are commanded by the exorcists...

Rokurou and Eizen are ready to fight! Rokurou with his sword, and Eizen with his fists...

The malak child feels conflicted...

We head for the entrance room where the front gate with the barrier is, and get more items...

Turning back, I now see a save point located across the guard that Eizen KO'd!