Tales of Berseria - Part 25: Arriving at Burnack Plateau

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I'm up to the last part of the cave! After burning more vines and picking up a stray Bronze Scrap, we head down into another part of the cave, where we find a warp point back to the start!

After selling more stuff and saving again, I finish off the last part of the cavern!

Along the way, we find a gold chest containing a Mercury Satchel!

Fighting more monsters now...

We see the end of the tunnel!

Skit: Eizen's flipping his coin. It lands on tails again.

Velvet points out his superstitiousness.

Rokurou asks where the coin came from.

Eizen says it's not a grim reaper, but the "demon king Dhaos." So I am right, that means the other side's the Goddess Martel. Rokurou notes he heard that name Dhaos somewhere before...

The malak child confirmed my thoughts. It is Martel and Dhaos on the coin.

He cites the Book of Ragnarok, and its chapter as well. The chapters called "The Battle of Yggdrasill." So Symphonia (naq Cunagnfvn, gb na rkgrag, V guvax) is now considered ancient lore in this game, huh?

Eizen mentions the coin was found from ancient ruins called Kharlan. Derris-Kharlan?

It's a really rare coin...

I wonder if Vesperia's also part of this game's lore as well?

The malak child mentions that there were a lot of books in his former master's chamber. So he read that book a few times. And I'm guessing it's probably a long tome, since it has more than 765 chapters...

Velvet asks where Eizen got the coin. Long story. As usual.

Eizen's not supposed to talk about the meaning of the coin.

We're now at the Burnack Plateau, the Great Junction.

What a wonderful view!

And to the east is that impregnable fortress.

I quick save here before heading down the cliffs...

So the quick save overwrites the old quick save, huh?

Eeee, there's a daemon called a Maul, and it's not the prettiest sight...the monster gave me a bit of a scare when I encountered it!

The gate before the fortress looks empty.

A leaf blows into a blurry barrier, singed the moment it touches the barrier.

Eizen didn't expect this...

Looks like Midgand's beefed up security now...

Velvet points out that Eizen's bad luck might've had somethinng to do with it. This isn't the worst of it, Eizen says.

We decide to take the construction entrance downhill...

After fighting some Wolves, we check the east gate. It's guarded heavily.

It was built alongside the fortress for extra security, says Eizen. Midgand wasted no expense on its defenses.

Before I forget, here's the music for Burnack Plateau.

We head down the narrow precipice, and an even narrower land bridge. If only I could take pics in this game...the plateau looks beautiful...

That's a long way down...

...and there's also guards patrolling the entrance...

The malak child and Eizen tell them to be careful!

Eizen: "They're not what they seem!" He's right. They've turned into daemons, Lizardmen!

Velvet: "What kind of curse is this, Eizen?"

We take care of them...

Rokurou also asks if this is Eizen's curse at work here.

Velvet thanks him for stopping her. But, it was the malak child who noticed. Are they going to give him a name now?

He looks down.

Velvet: "In that case, I'll be counting on you to keep watch. After all, we've got a reaper with us. Who knows what else we'll find." Or what the Abbey's hidden...

Rokurou reassures the malak child it's okay to talk.

My goodness! More surprises come in the form of plant monsters called Plantus!

After saving, we head in the gate.