Tales of Berseria - Part 24a: A Turtlez Man

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???: "Turtlez! Turtlez!"
Velvet: "Are you a turtle daemon or something?"

The White Turtlez sounds like the English dub of Meowth from the Pokemon anime...

Rokurou thinks he's a malak.

Nope, just a Turtlez.

He tells us to hold off all questions for now...

Eizen explains to us who Turtlez are: they're merchants. He calls the party "members of the underworld." Hee...

He mentions his prices are a bit pricey...

Velvet demands that he bargain.

The White Turtlez mentions all of the micromanagements of setting up shop, trying to get a high price for his goods...

Velvet sees right through his "high prices" excuse, and "persuades" him that he's selling at retail prices, or the deal's off.

Rokurou adds insult to injury.

Rokurou: "We should seal the deal with a smile, too, since it matters so much to him. Like this!"

rokurou charming smile

The White Turtlez guy is scared stiff now.

We do some shopping, weapon customizations, and we're off!

Rokurou laughs heartily at Velvet's "hard bargaining."

It was either that, or she would eat the White Turtlez and snatch his wares. *gulp*

Rokurou: (to Velvet) "You're more frightening than the Reaper." That's true.

The malak child thinks he's interesting.

Eizen thinks the Turtlez person's also thinking the party's unusual as well.

Rokurou counts who's in the party: two daemons, a malak, and a reaper...

Velvet: "Ain't that the truth?"

More skits about who Turtlez are. They're turtle people, says Eizen. And they're good merchant peddlers.

Rokurou points out they're Turtlez because of the shells they wear, and addresses the meaning of his name again. If that's true, then I wonder where are his five other brothers?

The malak child says he's "Number Two" because he's Teresa's second malak.

Eizen points out that's a title, not a name.

Rokurou asks if they could name him. Please, Rokurou!

Malak child: "A name...for me?"

Velvet turns away.