Tales of Berseria - Part 23: Enter the Pirate Malak

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It's him!!

The malak throws his paper at him, and spiky rocks burst out in front of him!

Velvet sees that that man is a malak!

Malak Pirate: "No. I'm the reaper."

It seems we have three in our party now to challenge him!

He's strong against water...

I look at the malak's artes. He has First Aid, another Tales staple! Along with a lot of elemental spells!

Velvet: "Who is this guy?"
Rokurou: "A malak pirate?"
Malak Pirate: "A sword, twin blades, and paper...no pendulum that I can see..." What pendulum is he talking about?

Now at half health, what is the Malak Pirate's next move?

Malak Pirate: "You pass the test. Join us."

What!? What test!?

The malak pirate knew about Hellawes's port getting razed!

The malak pirate doesn't mince words, and warns Velvet's crew that if they hadn't stopped them, they would've been headed for the Gate of Vortigern...

Before heading to Midgand, we have to pass through something called "the Narrows."

The number one pirate tells the crew about a "massive fortress...with a tremendous gate" that Midgand has built up to defend itself from naval attacks...

Rokurou thanks them.

Oh my goodness, there's always another obstacle, isn't there?

The pirate malak also wants to go there too, but needs more hands on deck. He suggests teaming up with Velvet and crew.

Velvet's skeptical. She's smart enough not to trust a pirate...

The pirate malak's serious about the Gate. He walks past Velvet's crew...

Magilou asks if they can refuse to listen to him.

Malak Pirate: "Your business is your business, and ours is ours. There's nothing more to say."

So the malak pirate is the first mate...the pretty blond pirate with the hat asks if they can join him.

He tells him he'll get in the way.

So their ship is called the Van Eltia, huh?

Where is he going in that cave?

We get a new ventite and an accesory: an eyepatch fit for a pirate!

The ventite invites additional enemies to join battle based on the difficulty level of the game...uh oh...

The game puts up more pointers about malak artes. In a way, they're like actual spellcasters in that their artes take time to cast...

It also tells us about dire foes, which join a fight depending on our battle performance, difficulty level, and by how much fighting I did in one area...